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The Department of Finance offers a variety of courses in finance which include corporate finance, investments, financial markets, banking, and international finance. The finance major is both a business field as well as a social science field, the major provides relevant training for a wide variety of careers. All finance majors draw upon strong mathematical and computer skills and interests. Many finance majors focus on the practical application of finance in both the private and government sectors. Some of the courses typically offered to a Major in Finance include principles of financial management, financial analysis, capital planning, capital budgeting, funds acquisition, asset and debt management, and investments and portfolio management.

Learning goals for the Finance major

  1. Analyze the relationships that exist between the financial markets and the financial decisions of business enterprises.
  2. Apply the economic and financial theories regarding asset pricing to problem solving in financial management, investment management, and financial institutions.
  3. Explain the role of portfolio theory, diversification concepts, and asset-pricing theory in decision-making in both the business enterprise and investment management.
  4. Perform a financial analysis using financial statement information and other disclosures in order to assess the financial condition and performance of a business enterprise.
  5. Estimate the future cash flows associated with a financial or capital asset and apply valuation techniques to these cash flows to determine a present value that will assist in decision-making.

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