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The Real Estate Initiative at Florida Atlantic University

Real estate is intertwined culturally and economically in our modern society. Issues range from residential ownership versus renting of residences to the structural form of efficient cities to economic development to the valuation of income producing properties. Southeast Florida’s economy is particularly real estate-dependent with issues including, but not limited to, economic cycles and housing cycles, affordable housing stock, commercial development, Everglades infringement and population growth, mortgage fraud, sea level rise, and international investment in properties, among others. These issues all point to a need for the production and dissemination of critical and practical real estate knowledge and information that can influence future real estate decision making.

Unfortunately, there is no apparent market mechanism that will lead to the development and dissemination of this critical knowledge and information. While private parties may develop some of this knowledge and information, there are scale and scope issues that will prevent the investigation of needed topics and, if developed, there is no incentive to share this information. It is the mission of public universities to serve the general public by conducting timely and relevant research. Therefore, FAU’s College of Business in conjunction with FAU’s School of Urban & Regional Planning has begun the Real Estate Initiative at FAU.

The purpose of the FAU Real Estate Initiative is to investigate and share real estate knowledge and information with our local community, region, state and the nation. Local problems, while at a smaller scale, often reflect national issues. With this in mind, research on local problems and the search for local solutions may lead to solutions at a larger geographic scale.

The founding four scholars of the FAU Real Estate Initiative are:

Founding Four:

This critical knowledge and information will generally be produced through the collective research efforts of our Founding Four. The dissemination of this knowledge and information can be found in academic research outlets, here on this website, and in local and national media forums.

Real estate is and will continue to be the cornerstone for the development of the Southeast Florida region. We look forward to serving in the critical role of disseminators on timely real estate research serving the region and beyond.



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