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Ann Root

Senior Instructor
Marketing Department


Ann Root currently teaches Marketing Management, Global Marketing, Strategic Brand Management and Digital Marketing. She taught at the University of Michigan and Notre Dame prior to FAU.


  • Ph D (1989) Marketing, University of Michigan
  • MBA (1986) Marketing, University of Michigan
  • BS (1981) Political Economy, University of California, Berkeley


  • Google Adworks
  • Google Analytics
  • Hootsuite
  • Hubspot Inbound
  • Certificate in Digital Marketing
  • e-Learning Course Design Certification

Teaching Interests

  • Marketing Management Digital Marketing Marketing Strategy Global Marketing Brand Management Graduate Courses: Marketing Management Strategic Brand Management Digital Marketing Marketing Strategy Global Marketing Marketing Communications Event Marketing Executive Education: Certificate in Marketing

Research Interests

  • managerial decision making; use of simulation games in marketing education; assessment.

Working Papers

  • The Assessment Journey: Pitfalls Of The Assurance of Learning Goal Development Process, On-Going, Scholarly
  • The Individual, Organizational and Political Factors AFfecting the Assurance of Learning Assessment Process, Planning,
  • The Role of Simulation Games in Enhancing Critical Thinking Skills of Business Students, Planning, Scholarly

Intellectual Contributions

  • Korgaonkar, P., Petrescu, M., Mangleburg, T., Root, A., (2012) Viral advertising and ad appeals. The AMS World Marketing Congress, Atlanta, Georgia, USA,
  • Petrescu, M., Korgaonkar, P., Mangleburg, T., Root, A., (2012) Viral Advertising and Its Place in the Advertising Framework. American Marketing Association, Chicago, IL, USA, 23, 94.
  • Devender, G., Cipolla, J., Root, A., (2011) Balanced Scorecard for a Global Enterprise. Nashville, TN: Intellectbase International Consortium, Nashville, TN, 15,
  • Kinnear, T., Root, A., (1994) 1993 Survey of Marketing Research. American Marketing Association, Chicago,
  • Gundlach, G., Root, A., Murphy, P., (1992) Corporate Political Action: The Erosion of the Political Speech Doctrine. Journal of Business Research, Chicago, 25, 1-16.
  • Root, A., Gundlach, G., Murphy, P., (1991) A Framework for Analyzing the Marketing Implications of Mergers and Acquisitions. 1991 Winter Educator's Conference Proceedings, American Marketing Asscociation, Chicago,
  • Kinnear, T., Root, A., (1990) The FTC and Deceptive Advertising: A Performance Assessment. Notre Dame: University of Notre Dame Press, 278-285.
  • Kinnear, T., Root, A., (1989) 1988 Survey of Marketing Research: Organization, Functions, Budget, and Compensation. American Marketing Association, Chicago,
  • Root, A., Kinnear, T., (1988) The FTC and Deceptive Advertising in the 1980s: Are Consumers Being Adequately Protected?. Journal of Public Policy and Marketing, 7, 40-48.


  • Intellectbase International Consortium, Nashville, TN, May 26 2016
  • Direct/Interactive Marketing Research Summit, Marketing Edge, Boston, MA, October 3 2015
  • AMS WMC-CPM Conference, 2012
  • National Educator's Meeting of the American Marketing Association, August 2012
  • FAU Teaching with Technology Showcase, FAU, FAU, 2011
  • Intellectbase International Consortium, 2011
  • Florida Atlantic University Technology Conference, 2010
  • AMA Winter Educator's Conference, AMA, 1992
  • MSI Mini-Conference on the Utlization of Information, MSI, 1991
  • AMA School of Marketing Research, AMA, 1990

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