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Susana Fernandez



Susana Fernández currently works as a faculty member for Florida Atlantic University and for the University of Maryland University College, where she teaches at both the undergraduate and graduate levels in the areas of Leadership, Management, Human Resource Management, and International Business. For Florida Atlantic University, she teaches for both the College of Business and the College of Education, and for the University of Maryland University College, she teaches leadership and management. Previously she has taught at Nova Southeastern University, Lynn University, and at Barry University. She has a professional background in public relations and broadcast journalism, as well as 14 years of experience in various academic and administrative areas of higher education. Prior to pursuing teaching full-time, she served as Director of Alumni and Parent Relations at Lynn University, in the Office of Development. Previously, she had worked at Barry University, where she founded and directed the Center for Commuter Student Affairs. At Barry, she also worked in the Andreas School of Business coordinating study abroad programs, internships, and faculty exchanges. She also worked as Coordinator of International Student Services, where she oversaw visa procedures and the social involvement and integration of international students; and as Coordinator of Special Events in the Division of Institutional Advancement, where she handled major events for the university as a whole as well as those for the Office of the President. Her journalistic background spans print and broadcasting both in the United States and Europe, where she collaborated in a news and culture magazine show with the EFE agency that was broadcast regularly throughout Latin America. Her print contributions have been featured in one of the Chicago Tribune’s subsidiary newspapers. Her work in public relations and advertising firms allowed her to work with clients from all over the world in a variety of projects. Academically, she holds Bachelor’s degrees in Broadcast journalism and Public Relations, and a minor in French. She also has a M.B.A with a concentration in Marketing, and earned her Ph.D. from Barry University in 2003 with concentrations in Leadership and Human Resources Development Administration. She has also completed certifications in Situational Leadership at the Center for Leadership Studies in Escondido, California, and in Effective Negotiation from the Program on Negotiation at Harvard Law School at Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Dr. Fernández was brought up tri-culturally. She was born in Caracas, Venezuela, and grew up between Venezuela and Spain--from where her family originates--while attending a bilingual school led by American and British nuns. In 1989 she finally went back to Madrid to attend college and later transferred to the United States to complete her studies. She serves as a corporate speaker and trainer in all aspects of leadership, and is very interested in aspects such as leadership development, women and leadership, children and leadership, authentic leadership, communication styles, power, cultural aspects, and leadership responsibility at the personal and organizational levels.


  • Ph D (2003) Leadership & Education (Double Specialization: Leadership & Human Resource Development), Barry University
  • MBA (1997) Marketing, Barry University
  • BA (1994) Communication: Public Relations & Broadcast Journalism, Barry University
  • (1991) The College of International Students (Madrid, Spain)
  • (1989) Medicine, Universidad Complutense de Madrid


  • Program on Negotiation at Harvard Law School; Negotation Workshop: Tools for preparing and Negotiating Effectively (Harvard University, Cambridge, MA)
  • Situational Leadership Certification, Center for Leadership Studies (Escondido, CA)

Teaching Interests

  • Leadership Development, Women and leadership, Children and leadership, Authentic leadership, Communication styles, power, cultural aspects, and leadership responsibility at the personal and organizational levels. Leadership and change, Cross-Cultural Leadership, Organizational Behavior & Learning, Human Resource Development, Andragogy & Learning Styles, Program Planning & Policy Development Team Development, Motivation & Alignment, Negotiation & Conflict Management, Creativity & Innovation

Working Papers

  • Authentic leadership for change and alignment,
  • Certificate of Authenticity: The Role of Epiphanies and Resilience in the Formation of Leaders,


  • Fernandez, S., Barnes, B., Mujtaba, B., Preziosi, R., (2013) Executive perceptions’ comparison with Gen X and Gen Y values in the workplace. Academy of Business Journal, 19, 1,
  • Fernandez, S., (2013) Shielding Ourselves From The World. The Importance Of The Self-Referent Criterion In Communicating Across Cultures And Developing Cross-Cultural Literacy. The Academic Forum: Proceedings of the Spring Conference, “21st Century Thought; 18th Century Tradition”,
  • Fernandez, S., (2012) The sacred cow at Lunix Corporation: When getting rid of an incompetent employee becomes risky business; [Selected one of the Top Five Best Case Studies Published in 2012 by the Journal. Translated into French as well.]. International Journal of Case Studies in Management, 10, 3,
  • Fernandez, S., (2009) Peter Drucker's leap to faith. Examining the origin of his purpose-driven life and its impact on his views of management.. Journal of Management History, 15, 4, 404-419.
  • Fernandez, S., (2009) Re-discovering Barnard: The functions of the…leader? Highlighting Chester Barnard’s contributions for the 21st century business executive. Journal of Management History, 16, 4, 468-488.
  • Fernandez, S., (2003) Parents' ratings of resilience and leadership scores recorded on the Roets Rating Scale for Leadership by girls in grades 6 through 8 (Ph.D. dissertation, Barry University - Adrian Dominican School of Education, United States -- Florida, 2003). Dissertations & Theses (Publication No. AAT 3305579),


  • The Academic Forum Spring Conference (Winner of the Award for Best Conference Presentation), Williamsburg, Virginia, April 2013
  • Academy of Business Research Conference (Winner of the Award for Best Session Paper), Academy of Business, Atlantic City, New Jersey, 2012
  • Keynote speaker at the Annual Lan Airlines Sales Meeting, Miami, Florida, March 8 2012
  • Keynote speaker at the Inauguration of the Center for Global Learning at Saint Peter's College, Jersey City, New Jersey, March 2 2011
  • Keynote speaker at the Forth Annual HR Contact and Award Banquet at Nova Southeastern University, Davie, Florida, February 12 2010
  • South Florida Student Leadership Conference, Barry University, February 7 2004
  • Annual meeting of the Florida Communication Association (Winner of the Best Alumni Panel), Fort Lauderdale, Florida, October 2001
  • Annual meeting of the Florida Communication Association (Graduate research presentation - 1st Honorable Mention), Tampa, Florida, October 1998
  • Annual meeting of the Florida Communication Association (Post-baccalaureate student paper competition - 1st Place), St. Augustine, Florida, October 1994
  • Annual meeting of the Florida Communication Association (Undergraduate student paper competition - 1st Honorable Mention), Clearwater, Florida, October 1993

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