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Master of Tax

The Master of Accounting (MAC) and Master of Tax (MTX) degree programs share the same goal: to provide accounting education to a diverse group of students to help them become successful professionals in local, national, and global enterprises. This goal will be accomplished by providing programs that aid students in developing technical, analytical, communication, interpersonal, and lifelong learning skills.

The MTX program is designed to meet the demand for tax specialists in public accounting, private industry, and government. Its objectives include rigorous development of:

  1. Technical competence
  2. An appreciation of tax policy
  3. A conceptual understanding of taxation; and
  4. An awareness of the responsibilities of a tax professional in today’s society.

The courses of the MTX program may be used to satisfy education requirements of the CPA and other professional licenses.

Classroom, with Online Flexibility

The School of Accounting gives students an opportunity to earn a MTX degree primarily through traditional live interactive classrooms. Most classes meet weekly on Monday – Thursday evenings, with occasional daytime classes. Most classes meet in Boca Raton, on our main campus; however, a few classes may meet on our Davie campus.

Understanding that our students lead busy lives, many of our courses are offered online through e-learning courses. While these online offerings are intended to provide additional flexibility to our students, the Flexible MTX is not designed to be completed solely online. If an online degree is desired, our Executive MTX is designed to be completed solely online and interested candidates should consider that program.

The Master of Taxation degree program is selective. Meeting the minimum admission requirements does not guarantee admission to the program. Students who have an undergraduate degree in accounting or other business area are preferable to those who do not have such degrees. Students who have been dismissed from any traditional (non-Executive) MAC or TAX program are not eligible for re-admission.

MTX Program Requirements

10 Courses / 30 Semester Hours

Core Courses – 6 Courses / 18 Semester Hours

  • Graduate Business Communications Applications GEB6215
  •  Concepts of Federal Income Tax TAX6025
  •  Tax Research TAX6065
  •  Corporate Taxation TAX6105
  •  Partnership Taxation TAX6205
  •  Estates & Trusts: Planning & Taxation TAX6405

Taxation Electives – 3 Courses / 9 Semester Hours

Any 6000-level TAX course EXCEPT

  • Core Courses (see above)

Program Elective – 1 Course / 3 Semester Hours

  • Any course that qualifies as a Tax Elective (see above),
  • 5000-level ACG or TAX courses, and
  • Any 6000-level other Business Graduate course, excluding Foundation or Core courses (excluding ECO6008, FIN6406, GEB6215, MAR6055 and QMB6603)

Foundation requirements for business students without an undergraduate accounting degree

  • Financial Reporting and Accounting Concepts ACG6137

Projected Course Schedule

Program Flow Chart

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