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College of Business Alumn Launches the Ultimate Marketing Resource for Small Businesses

Release Date: Nov 30, 2011

Daniel Sosa, BA’09 is a founder of Ocoos, an internet portal enabling small businesses to grow their companies on the global stage.  The company uses leading internet technology combined with a unique business model to build marketing platforms which are managed by Ocoos entrepreneurs and enable small businesses to market to the world.  Read more

Sosa credits his time at FAU as the impetus to his entrepreneurial career.  "FAU was where I decided I was going to pursue an entrepreneurial career and two years later, I’m pursuing my dream, and doing everything I can to be a big contributor to society" says Sosa.

After honing his skills in the classroom and earning a BS in Business Management and Marketing from FAU he furthered his education by subsequently earning a MS in Entrepreneurship from the University of Florida.  Sosa's professional experience spans myriad industries and roles. Sosa draws on unique experiences in marketing and business development within the international travel segment as well as within a green tech startup, Emerald Endeavors.

Today, Sosa is focused squarely upon building Ocoos into a platform effecting change and promote business in our community and beyond. Ocoos' various platforms are managed by experts in their respective fields. The net effect allows global buyers and service providers to connect more efficiently and allowing demand to be aggregated at the market level. Initially Ocoos has focused on tourism and healthcare, two markets that contribute immensely to economic growth in South Florida. However, his expectation is that expansion to new industries will ensue in short order. To learn more about Ocoos, or to consider accessing the platform to grow your business, please visit www.Ocoos.com.

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