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Undergraduate Admission

Undergraduate students wishing to apply to Florida Atlantic University's College of Business must follow the admission process below.

University admissions are handled by the Office of Undergraduate Admissions. As such, any questions that you may have regarding admission to FAU, deadlines, your application status, or special information for transfer or international students should be directed to that office.

How to Apply for a Business Major

Admissions Policy to Majors in the College of Business
- Download the College of Business PDF Admissions Sheet here

Lower Division or Pre-business Students

Because the University does not guarantee acceptance to majors in the College of Business, students who plan to pursue a business degree are accepted to the college as preliminary business students, also known as lower-division or Pre-business students.

Typically freshmen and sophomore, lower-division students are restricted in the business courses they may register for and cannot declare a major within the College of Business until they apply and are accepted as upper-division students.

Restricted Access to Upper-Division College of Business Courses

Most students apply for upper-division status during the end of their sophomore year. Students seeking to declare and complete a major as part of the College of Business must meet the following requirements to qualify (except for the Health Administration major, which has different requirements):

1. Hold a minimum 2.5 FAU-GPA

2. Complete the following Pre-business Foundation coursework (3 credit hours each) with a minimum grade of "C":
         ACG 2021     Financial Accounting
         ACG 2071     Managerial Accounting
         ECO 2013     Macroeconomics
         ECO 2023     Microeconomics
         MAC 2233     Methods of Calculus
         STA  2023     Introductory Statistics
         ISM  2000    Information Systems Fundamentals (similar to CGS1100 or CGS1570)

3. Complete a 2-year foreign language program in high school, or the equivalent proficiency at the university level or show proof of native proficiency.

4. Earn a minimum of 60 semester credit hours

Students meeting these upper-division criteria may apply to declare a College of Business major using the Change of Major form (form#7).

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