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Accounting Scholars Program Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why do students join the Accounting Scholars Program (ASP)?

A: Many students join the ASP for the academic, extracurricular, and professional benefits. Students also like the cohort class concept and enhanced opportunities to build friendships and networks with other students in the ASP. Finally, students like the possibility of earning early admission to graduate school and priority for graduate assistantships.

Q: How difficult is the time management in the ASP? (one being easy and ten being very difficult)

A: On average, full-time students rank it at a seven. Accounting is as challenging as it is rewarding. Learning good time management skills in school will undoubtedly help in the future. It is important to be organized and avoid procrastination.

Q: Is the ASP recommended for all students who qualify?

A: Students who meet the minimum criteria are encouraged to join the ASP; however, it is not for everyone. Prospective students should be sure that they fully understand the ASP and can commit the time required to succeed.

Q: Are most students able to work while completing the ASP?

A:  Historically, students working part time have been able to manage the responsibilities of the ASP. Students working full time will find managing work and the responsibilities of the ASP very difficult.

Q: What do most students do after completing the ASP?

A:  Almost all students earn a masters degree and then begin their careers in public accounting.

Q: Does the ASP help students obtain an internship or job offer?

A: The ASP provides many opportunities for students to gain the skills necessary to be successful in the recruiting process. Currently, the ASP boasts 100% job placement with about 85% of the ASP graduates starting their careers in public accounting.

Q: Are students ready for the CPA exam after completing the ASP?

A: Most students take the CPA exam during or shortly after completing graduate school.

Q: What advice is available to students seeking entry to the ASP?

A: Get involved early! Reach out to students in the ASP and find out if it will be a good fit. Excel in classes and participate in professional networking events such as Beta Alpha Psi, Accounting Students Association, and the Career Fair.

Q: What are the major requirements of the ASP?

A: Students need to complete a minimum of five accounting honors compacts and the capstone experience and maintain a minimum GPA.

Q: What is an honors compact?

A: An honors compact is a set of requirements that students must complete to earn honors credit. The compacts include extracurricular activities and written assignments in addition to course work.

Q: What is the capstone experience?

A: The capstone experience is a group assignment that includes a case analysis and presentation. It must be completed in the senior year and outside of normal class times.

Q: Do students in the cohort classes have an advantage over other accounting students?

A: The cohort group helps students stay on track because they are always in contact with other students in the ASP.

Q: What is the atmosphere in the cohort group?

A: The cohort group atmosphere is frequently one of the students’ favorite aspects of the ASP. Many form great friendships that continue after graduation and form the basis of their professional network.

Q: How do the cohort classes work?

A: Each Fall and Spring term, sections of select accounting courses are reserved for students in the ASP. The restricted sections are offered during the day on the Boca Raton campus.                                                                  

Q: How do students apply to the ASP?

A: Students apply for the ASP by completing a short application on the ASP website.

Q: What if a student does not want to continue in the ASP?

A: Students who do not want to continue in the ASP can opt out at any time.

Q: When do students join the ASP?

A: Students may join the ASP when they are ready to start taking upper-level accounting classes. Students who have completed no more than six hours of upper-level accounting may also join the ASP.  Students who have completed more than six hours of upper-level accounting courses are not eligible to join the ASP.

Q: Can students retake courses?

A: Students may retake courses, but the original grades are still considered for eligibility in the ASP. Any student earning less than a B in two or more accounting courses or less than a C in any course are not eligible to continue in the ASP.

Q: Are students required to continue in graduate school?

A: Students are not required to continue to graduate school. Students may leave the ASP at any time.

Q: Are all students who complete the ASP guaranteed admission to graduate school?

A: Only students who complete all ASP requirements with an overall GPA of 3.3/4.0 and an upper-level accounting GPA of 3.3/4.0 will receive expedited admission to graduate school. All other students may go through the normal admission process for graduate school admission.

Q: What graduate programs can students pursue?

A: Master of Accounting, Master of Taxation, and Master of Business Administration-Accounting.

Q: Are graduate degrees awarded with honors?

A: Only the undergraduate degree includes an honors distinction. Graduate programs do not provide for honors distinction.

Q: Does everyone receive an ASP medallion?

A: Only students who graduate with honors and earn a graduate degree in the College of Business at FAU receive a medallion.

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