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Department of Marketing infographic from Barbara ConteThe Department of Marketing offers programs of study that prepare students for professional careers in the growing fields of brand management, retailing, digital marketing, social media, advertising, sales, and hospitality management. Applied projects are interwoven with academic coursework to expose students to a range of current marketing trends and strategies. Original research and creative scholarship among department faculty contribute to improvements in both the theory and practice of marketing. Students are prepared to become effective marketing managers in the customer-centered marketplace of tomorrow.

Which Undergraduate Marketing Program Is Right For Me?

The Department of Marketing offers two types of undergraduate programs. The first type is the BBA/BS in Marketing. In this program, the student completes the requirements of the Department of Marketing as well as the core business courses taken by all of the majors in the College of Business. The second type of program is focused on hospitality and is the BBA in Hospitality Management. The goal of the Hospitality Management Program is to provide students with a broad marketing education emphasizing the hospitality industry.

Please download the Program Sheet compiled by Student Academic Services for the most up-to-date information on Course Requirements for a major in Marketing and on Course Requirements for a major in Hospitality Management.

Career Opportunities for Marketing Majors

There are many career opportunities for a major in Marketing and career opportunities for a major in Hospitality Management. Graduates can look forward to successful marketing careers in a broad variety of industries and businesses including consumer companies, healthcare, nonprofits, services, and manufacturing.

According to the U.S. Department of Education the field of marketing is growing at 12% a year with average starting salaries over $43,000. Bankrate.com recently listed marketing as having the best ROI among many different occupations. (Please read Bankrate.com's What is the ROI of your college degree.)  Marketing is vital to any business endeavor: before you can produce it, count it, manage it, invest in it, or profit from it, you have to market it.

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