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Information Security

Department of Information Technology and Operations Management, College of Business

For Frequently Asked Questions, please refer to the ITOM Minor and Certificate Programs FAQ page.

Why Information Security and Information Assurance?

  • The internet has made a tremendous impact on society. Computer and communication networks hold most of the country's financial, transportation, energy, emergency, and water systems depend on.
  • The security and assurance of our information and communications infrastructure is a national priority.
  • Companies face the emerging trend of information warfare and cyber terrorism. They tackle thousands of cyber-attacks on a daily basis. Information security and protecting critical infrastructure, systems and data become strategically important for the companies’ and institutions’ survival.
  • As the digital information moves to networked, globalized infrastructure, it is essential that managers understand the threats to this information and create an effective corporate-wide security plan with well established, followed through, and communicated security programs, policies, controls, and procedures as well as awareness and training initiatives.
  • More and more companies, such as in the banking, financial, and healthcare industries need to keep rigorous standards and certifications in Information Security to keep their operations. They need Information Security Managers that ensure the creation, implementation, and maintenance of comprehensive information security programs

Threats to the Companies’ Information Assets

The intensity and the creativity of the attacks has grown tremendously in the recent years. Gone are the years of the “script-kiddies” when “hacking” in an organization’s computers earned bragging rights and showed skills and landed a lucrative job.

  • The recent attacks on Google, major banks, major utilities and utility infrastructures as well as government organizations indicate insidious intentions, organized crime involving millions of dollars
  • There is a pronounced international trend of growing cyber spying and cyber terrorism activities which involve high level cyber crime organizations and in many cases state actors. Security experts talk about cyber war as the future of international and organized crime conflicts.
  • The percentage of organizations reporting computer intrusions to law enforcement is on the decline. The key reason cited for not reporting intrusions to law enforcement is the concern for negative publicity.
  • Over 80 percent of the organizations conduct security audits and have internal vulnerability analysis and incident response teams if information security experts.
  • The majority of the organizations view security awareness training as important

Career Benefits

  • Whatever your field of interest and career is, chances are you will benefit from your Information Security Minor or Certificate. Every company needs to be connected to the global network which means that its data and strategic computer infrastructure need to be protected.
  • You can serve as the important bridge between your department and the IT, help your organization develop a comprehensive security programs, or train and advocate to your colleagues and clients the importance of proper security procedures and controls.
  • Either way, you will benefit from the interdisciplinary knowledge you have.
  • IT Audit jobs in Accounting and Finance are one of the highest paid in in greatest demand jobs

Professions that will benefit from a Minor or Certificate in Information Security

  • Public Safety Officials
  • Law Enforcement Officials
  • Criminal Justice
  • Healthcare professionals – Providers, Insurance, Researchers
  • Accountants
  • Financial Managers
  • And many others

Minor and Certificate Programs in Information Security

The Information Security Minor is offered to degree-seeking students in the College of Business and FAU. For minor, 9 of the 12 credits must be earned from FAU.

The Information Security Certificate is available to business professionals and to students who have already completed their undergraduate degrees in business or other areas.

Students cannot obtain both a certificate and a minor. The four courses below are needed to complete the minor/certificate requirement. Both programs require 12 credits each, with minimum grades of "C" required in all courses for the minor and certificate. For nonbusiness majors, waiver of related prerequisites will be made on a case-by-case basis. Business Data Communications ISM 4220 can be waived if similar course has been taken in the student's coursework. Please refer to the brief description of the four Information Security courses here.

To help you plan ahead which courses to take, we created a Master schedule (pdf) of courses for the undergraduate and graduate MIS and OM courses. While it is still subject to change and we ask you to check with your advisors and the official published schedule, we do everything possible to adhere to the Master schedule.

We have a fully equipped Information Security and Computer Forensics Lab where we offer students hands-on training in key software tools and strategies.

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