About Us

Established in 2016, Florida Atlantic University's International Center for Emergency Management (ICEM) endeavors to be a superior provider of cutting-edge, world-class training, certification and degree-level academic programs, leadership development and hands-on training in emergency, crisis and disaster management. We believe the more competent we become at preparing for a disaster or crisis, delivering care during and after an emergency, the more resilient the agencies, their people, the facilities and by extension, the community becomes. Our Center will deliver the hands-on, experiential training and academics to facilitate improving these competencies in crisis and disaster preparation, response and mitigation.

What makes us unique?
FAU’s International Center for Emergency Management is a partner with a major international hospital, Chaim Sheba Medical Center in Israel. We are also interdisciplinary with nearly every unit at the University.

University Collaborations:
   FAU College of Business
   FAU College of Engineering and Computer Science
   FAU Schmidt College of Medicine
   FAU Christine E. Lynn College of Nursing
   FAU School of Public Administration
   FAU Dorothy F. Schmidt College of Arts and Letters

We are proud to work with FEMA's Higher Education Committee and FEPA's Education Committee.

Our Degree-Seeking Academics:

Undergraduate Degrees in Crisis and Disaster Management
Undergraduate Concentration/Minor in Crisis and Disaster Management
Graduate Certificate/Concentration in Crisis and Disaster Management (coming soon)

Our Certificate Training Programs (CEUs):

Annual Israeli Intensive in EM

Annual Mental Health for Trauma and Resilience (2Xs per year)

Annual Public Safety Leadership Development (one track for early-in-career supervisors, one track for established managers)

FEMA-Certified courses via a partnership with the NDPTC

Future Field Hospital Training 

Our Events

Annual Fundraiser

Seminar Series (beginning Fall, 2019)

Every other month, we will invite national-level speakers to deliver seminars on topics of great importance to the world of EM and Crisis Management. Stay tuned for speakers, dates and times.  All seminars will be offered on the Boca campus.

VIP Observer opportunities throughout the year via collaborations with coalitions like the RDSTF, county-level EOCs, HERCs, etc.