Mental Health for Trauma and Resiliency

In partnership with the International Collaboration on Trauma and Resilience, ICTR, the FAU International Center for Emergency Management is proud to welcome experts and leaders in the field of traumatology and resilience to train for us.

One track of training is for our community of EMTs, fire/rescue, first responders, law enforcement and SAR professionals on the Boca and Davie campuses.

The other track is training in concepts of trauma and resilience to professionals and master's level+ students in the field of social work, therapy, mental health, psychology, psychiatry, chaplainry, and any profession that will benefit from this special intensive, three-day training.

Upcoming Sessions:
Mental Health for Trauma & Resilience: Training for South Florida's Public Safety Professionals

LIMITED SEATING to ensure personalized instruction on sensitive topics 

DEC 18, 2019

Registration will open soon, email to reserve your spot.

8:30 - 5:30 PM, FAU Davie Campus

$350 per person (breakfast, lunch, parking, materials, certificate conferred)

Below is some of what our students have said about our training:

This training was truly an amazing and life changing experience and confirmed what I inherently knew regarding the universal shift towards holistic means to restore wellness. 
I can't thank you enough for this training!   I especially enjoyed the Dream Doctors.  I find the work that they do so meaningful and it has really opened my eyes as to new ways to add humor to my sessions. I never really thought I would volunteer for Disaster Relief until now.  Thank you for all the love you spread around the world.
I loved attending the training and left inspired to do more in my profession. 
This is exactly what I need to manage my own exposure to trauma in the field, day after day. I will be able to help myself and my team perform better and feel better. We need this for everyone in law enforcement!