Kathleen Brush Women in Leadership Program

Women hold 52% of all the professional jobs in the U.S., yet only 5% of CEOs are women. The Kathleen Brush Women in Leadership Program is a strategic initiative designed to level this ratio by giving participants an opportunity to secure a leadership competitive advantage. The program does this by: addressing subjects known to hold women back, leveraging soft skills where women have been shown to have an inherent advantage, exploring subjects that are key to a leader’s success in the 21st century, and including the indispensable support of networks and mentors.

Program Objectives

The Kathleen Brush Women in Leadership program is an intensive 12-session course that will provide high potential individuals with the skills necessary to succeed in executive management positions. The program will run every third Wednesday from September 5, 2018 through April 24, 2019. The Kathleen Brush Women in Leadership Program is designed specifically for highly driven individuals whose goal is to attain executive leadership roles within their organization.

Led by successful business experts, experienced faculty and leadership coaches, this course will employ active learning techniques including case studies and simulations, collaborative tasks, lectures, readings, and participant presentations. All participants will be matched with a C-Suite level mentor and will also be required to become a mentor to an up-and-coming achiever. Extensive networking opportunities and public speaking are a highlight of the program.

Program Focus

  • Female-specific topics. This course explores issues that are truly limiting promotions for women and how to overcome those hurdles; including succeeding at multiple roles at home and at work.
  • Forward-thinking Global skills. Participants are taught how to decipher global opportunities and threats, and how to leverage diversity and technology to achieve superior outcomes.
  • Merging hard skills and soft skills. The program teaches participants how to leverage natural abilities to deliver superior strategies and bottom line results.
  • Theory to Practice. Participants are continually challenged to apply their new-found knowledge to real life situations.
  • Networking. The course teaches effective networking skills, and enables building a cohort network-for-life.
  • Mentoring: Participants are given access to accomplished mentors, and they will also be taught how to leverage mentors and how to be a mentor.

Instructional Schedule*

  • Sept. 5 Global and Historical Perspective
  • Sept. 26 Mentoring, Roadmap Building, and Networking
  • Oct. 17 Leadership and Ethics
  • Nov. 7 Strategy and Innovation
  • Nov. 28 Economic Literacy
  • Dec. 19 Accounting & Finance
  • Jan. 9 Problem Solving
  • Jan. 30 Entrepreneurship, Marketing and HR
  • Feb. 20 Communication
  • March 13 Courage
  • April 3 Leading through Change & Innovation
  • April 24 Participation & Activism /Wrap up & Graduation
  • *Subject to change

Kathleen Brush Women in Leadership Program

Program Details

  • Format: Every third Wednesday
  • Dates: Sept. 5, Sept. 26, Oct. 17, Nov. 7, Nov. 28, Dec. 19, Jan. 9, Jan. 30, Feb. 20, Mar. 13, April 3, April 24
  • Time: 8:30am – 4:30pm
  • Hours: 84 Hours – PDUs / 8.4 CEUs
  • Sessions: 12
  • Location: Florida Atlantic University, Boca Raton Campus
  • Fee: $4,750 – Includes materials, lunch and parking.

Contact Us

Paige Garrido
Program Coordinator

phone: (561) 297-4819
email: pgarrido@fau.edu
map: BU 86 203

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