Certificate in Digital Transformation in Healthcare

The pandemic, technology and consumerism in healthcare are accelerating the digital transformation of healthcare. Technologies such as cloud computing, analytics, AI, 5G and the Internet of Things (IoT) are transforming the industry. The pandemic has accelerated the creation and adoption of digital solutions such as telemedicine. This course provides a comprehensive framework for understanding these significant changes and successfully managing a digital transformation in healthcare organizations.


Program Benefits

This certificate program provides participants with the knowledge, tools and strategies to design and implement technology-enabled initiatives to deliver effective patient care. It provides actionable insights that are essential for managers and leaders to reinvent organizations across information technology, operations, culture and business models. The course is designed for mid-and senior level managers and executives in healthcare and allied industries including health tech and consulting. It is taught by an Operations & Technology professional who is an experienced educator, researcher and consultant.


Curriculum Description

The program will explore mature and disruptive technologies, organizational agility and culture, and other core factors that are driving better patient care and satisfaction, while improving organizational outcomes. It brings together proven tools and methods to successfully navigate a digital transformation roadmap that ensure an effective and sustainable transformation. Topics covered include:

  • Evolution of technology and digitalization
  • Trends in digital health
  • Application of transformative technologies in healthcare
  • Digital Transformation roadmap
  • Managing organizational change, culture and governance


Program Details

  • Format: Online (24/7 access to course material, discussions, recorded online lectures, and other learning activities)

  • Dates: COMING SOON!

  • Hours: 30 hours / 3 CEUs

  • Fee$1995

  • Location: Online


Ideal Candidate

  • Medical office Managers
  • Mid and Senior level managers in Healthcare and allied industries (health technology and consulting)



Ravi Behara FAU Faculty

Dr. Ravi Behara


  • PhD (1989) Service Operations Management, Manchester Metropolitan University

  • BS (1981) Electrical Engineering, Indian Institute of Science

  • BS (1978) Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics, Bangalore University




Books and Materials

  1. Healthcare Digital Transformation: How Consumerism, Technology and Pandemic are
    Accelerating the Future
    Edward W. Marx and Paddy Padmanabhan (2020)

  2. Digital Transformation: Survive and Thrive in an Era of Mass Extinction
    Thomas M. Siebel (2019)

  3. Reading pack from Harvard Business School Publishing