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Students are generally advised to take GEB 6215 during their first semester in the program either before or concurrently with other ISM courses, as GEB 6215 requires you to complete integrated assignments in your other ISM courses. Please contact your Graduate Advisor in the College of Business to discuss more about GEB integration and how to create your Plan of Study (POS) .

Course Offerings

In the Fall and Spring semesters, courses are offered during 16-week terms; we do not offer 8-week courses in the Fall and Spring at this time. In the Summer semesters, course are generally offering during a 12-weeks term and course offerings are limited. Generally, only GEB 6215, ISM 6026, ISM 6942, ISM 6148, and ISM 6405 are offered in the Summer term.

All courses in the MSITM program can be completed remotely, either through online classes or Virtual Classrooms. Many courses can also be completed in the traditional format. In-person ISM courses are usually offered in the evenings while in-person Computer Science courses are usually offered during the day. ISM courses can alternate from semester to semester between being offered fully-online and being offered face to face. 

Please check the FAU Course Schedule when planning your classes, and also work with your Graduate Advisor to create your Plan of Study (POS).

MSITM Business Analytics Concentration Required Courses - Descriptions


ISM 6026: Management Information Systems and Technology

  • Prerequisite or Co-requisite: GEB 6215
  • This course provides a study and evaluation of information systems: types, development and use. Emphasis is on understanding information systems in the context of managerial use, problems, and opportunities.

GEB 6215: Communication Strategies for Business Professionals

  • Prerequisites: Admission to College of Business Master's Degree Programs
  • This course links writing and speaking strategies to (1) critical thinking for problem analysis/solution and persuasive proposals and (2) research for decision making. Students submit papers and presentations from core courses.

ISM 6136: Data Mining & Predictive Analytics

  • This course introduces the core concepts of data mining (DM) and its techniques, implementation and benefits. Course also identifies industry branches that most benefit from DM, such as retail, target marketing, fraud protection, health care and science, and web and e-commerce. Detailed case studies and using leading mining tools on real data are presented.

ISM 6404: Introduction to Business Analytics & Big Data

  • This course provides an understanding of the business intelligence and business analytics processes and techniques used in transforming data to knowledge and value in organizations. Students also develop skills in analyzing data using generally available tools

ISM 6405: Advanced Business Analytics

  • Prerequisite: Graduate students only
  • This course provides an in-depth examination of business analytics methods of visualization, data mining, text mining and web mining, using various analytical tools. In a laboratory setting, investigates applications for smaller firms.

ISM 6316: IT Project and Change Management

  • This course addresses key issues in managing information technology projects through a study of the project life cycle. Topics include planning and control, risk management, change management, portfolio management, and the use of project management software.

ISM 6555: Social Media & Web Analytics

  • Prerequisite: Admission to an FAU graduate program
  • This course covers concepts and techniques for retrieving, exploring, visualizing and analyzing social network and social media data, website usage and click-stream data. Students learn to use key metrics to assess goals and return on investment and perform social network analysis to identify important social actors, subgroups and network properties in social media.

MSITM Business Analytics Concentration Elective Courses (Choose 1) - Descriptions


ISM 6509: IT Sourcing Management

  • This course is designed to assist students in developing the knowledge and skills needed to work with IT service providers and processes. IT focuses on the concepts and methods associated with designing, planning, and contracting for IT infrastructure and applications.

ISM 6058: Mobile Apps for Business

  • Prerequisite: Admission to an FAU graduate program
  • This course provides study and practice of actual entrepreneurial situations by exploring the lifecycle of a mobile app development. Students prepare business plans for a mobile application and work on real assignment of a real business. Students learn to think like a business person, understand everyday issues, develop and challenge ideas and sharpen related entrepreneurial skills.

ISM 6508: Web-Based Business Development

  • Prerequisite: Graduate standing
  • This course helps students develop skills for launching and managing web-based businesses. Students complete a business plan for starting an online business of their choice. Additional topics include evaluating current web-based business opportunities, online entrepreneurship, web-based venture financing and e-business operations

ISM 6328: Management of Information Assurance and Security

  • This course provides an introduction to the various technical and administrative aspects of information security. Emphasis is on the management of information security efforts.

ISM 6368: Enterprise Information Technology Service Management

  • This course focuses on the information technology manager's role in coordinating with and providing service to other business functions. Discussion on internationally recognized best practices in delivering true value at the lowest total cost of ownership.

QMB 6303: Data Management & Analysis with Excel

  • Prerequisite: Admission to an FAU graduate program
  • This course, which is for Graduate students from all disciplines, focuses on solving research and business problems by leveraging the most powerful productivity tool, Excel. Curation, management, analysis and visualization of information and data are covered by using PowerView, Vlookup charts, pivot tables, scenarios, functions and macro programming.provides an introduction to statistical analysis of data using interactive computing, including topics such as randomness, cross-sectional regression, auto-regression, experiments versus observational studies, causal interference, and analysis of univariate and multiple time series.


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