Depending on the track you select to complete the Big Data Analytics Certificate, you will need to take one or three of the ITOM Business Analytics courses and one or three of the Computer Sciences courses:

ITOM Business Analytics Courses

Data Mining and Predictive Analytics

ISM 6136

Database Management Systems

ISM 6217

Introduction to Business Analytics and Big Data

ISM 6404

Advanced Business Analytics

ISM 6405

Social Media and Web Analytics

ISM 6555

Data Analysis for Managers

QMB 6603

Computer Science Data Analytics Courses

Introduction to Neural Networks

CAP 5615

Social Networks and Big Data Analytics

CAP 6315

Data Mining for Bioinformatics

CAP 6546

Data Mining and Machine Learning

CAP 6673

Information Retrieval

CAP 6776

Web Mining

CAP 6777

Advanced Data Mining and Machine Learning

CAP 6778

Big Data Analytics with Hadoop

CAP 6780

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