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Business Concentrations for MSITM:

  • The MSITM has two business concentrations:
    • Information Technology Management Concentration:
    • Business Analytics Concentration:
      • Business Analytics (BA), also known as Business Intelligence (BI), involves information technologies, applications, and practices for collection, integration, analysis, and presentation of business data and information.
      • For more information on this concentration, visit our MSITM with Business Analytics Concentration page

Program Sheets

Program Duration and Delivery Method

  • Full-time students can complete the program in as little as 18 months (4 semesters) by taking 3 courses (9 credits) each in the Fall and Spring terms and 2 courses (6 credits) in the Summer term.
  • Part-time students can complete the program in 2.5 years (7 semesters) by taking 2 courses each in the Fall and Spring terms and 1 course in the Summer term.
  • Courses are primarily offered over a 16-week period in the Fall and Spring semesters. A limited number of courses are offered in the Summer semester over a 12-week or 6-week period; we do not offer 8-week courses in the Fall and Spring at this time.
  • All courses in the MSITM program can be completed in a traditional face to face format or in a fully-online distance learning format.
    • Traditional face to face ISM courses are usually offered in the evenings while traditional face to face Computer Science courses are usually offered during the day. ISM courses generally alternate from being offered fully online to being offered face to face from semester to semester.
    • Please check the FAU Course Schedule for further information and course offerings.

MSITM Foundation Courses

  • If your bachelor's degree is not in Management Information Systems (MIS) and you do not have any prior technical IT experience (i.e programming, database management, etc), you will need to complete the (4) MSITM foundation courses (during the first or second semester in the program) in order to gain the necessary core technical skills needed to be successful in this program:
    • ISM 6148, Information Technology Fundamentals (undergraduate equivalent ISM 3230 or similar);
    • ISM 6217, Database Management Systems (undergraduate equivalent ISM 4212 or similar); 
    • ISM 6225, Business Data Communications (undergraduate equivalent ISM 4220 or similar);
    • ISM 6123, Advanced System Analysis and Design (undergraduate equivalent ISM 4133 or similar); 
  • Once an applicant is admitted into the MSITM Program, the ITOM Program Director will interview the student to determine which of the (4) MSITM Foundation Courses must be taken.
  • Here are some of the preliminary questions you can ask yourself:
    • Can you program, using structured or object oriented programming languages, such as Java or C++?  Do you have experience with software development and have an overall understanding of computer system components?  
      • If yes, then you probably will not need to take ISM 6148, Information Technology Fundamentals.
    • Have you worked with databases? Do you know how relational databases are created and operate? Have you written SQL queries and communicated with a database server through a database client?
      • If yes, then you probably will not need to take ISM 6217 - Database Management Systems.
    • Do you know how computers communicate with each other? Do you know how to set up a network – peer-to-peer workgroup or domain? What are the various TCP/IP protocols? Can you perform simple system and network administration tasks? Are you familiar with computer system security issues and protection methods?
      • If yes, then you probably will not need to take ISM 6225 - Business Data Communications.
    • Have you performed the duties of an Information Systems Manager? Did you create, manage, or bring an IT project to completion? Do you know about the System Development Life Cycle?
      • If yes, then you probably will not need to take ISM 6123 - Advanced System Analysis and Design.
  • If you need to take any of the Foundation Courses, you have the option take the equivalent undergraduate courses as a non-degree seeking student prior to your admission in the MSITM Program (Once admitted into the MSITM program, you are only allowed to take the graduate courses).
    • Please visit the Office of the Registrar or call (561) 297-3050 regarding non-degree admission. 
    • Please note: If you take the undergraduate courses as a non-degree seeking student, you are only allowed to register for these courses the week before classes start for that semester, as degree-seeking students receive priority registration for courses

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