Faculty Expertise


Marketing Faculty  Primary Research Interests 
Anil Bilgihan Social Media Marketing in Tourism and Hospitality, Online Marketing, Multivariate Statistics, Branding, Customer Experience, Online Social Interactions
Andrew Gallan Services Marketing, Customer (Patient) Experience, Service Design, Service Innovation, Transformative Service Research
Gopalkrishnan R. Iyer Business-to-Business Marketing, Pricing, Global Marketing, Innovation, Corporate Social Responsibility, Entrepreneurship
Cheryl Burke Jarvis Services Marketing, Marketing Strategy, Psychometrics, Structural Equation Modeling
Paul Sergius Koku Information Economics, Law and economics,  Franchising and reputation effects, Management of Medical Technology and healthcare economics, Interface of finance and marketing, Application of game theoretic models in marketing, Services Marketing, Marketing Strategy
Pradeep Korgaonkar Managerial issues influencing advertising, retailing, and Hispanic consumer behavior among other topics
Melanie Lorenz Global Marketing, Innovation, Research Methods, Cross-cultural Service Encounters, Global Work in MNEs, Creativity, Emerging Markets
Tamara Mangleburg Family decision-making, Consumer Behavior, Mass communications
C.M. Sashi Competitive Strategy, Social Media, Distribution Channels, B2B Markets, Global Marketing, Interorganizational Relationships
Ye Zhang Tourist behaviors, Customer choice modeling and intervention in Tourism and Hospitality, Transformative tourism/hospitality experience/service design, Strategic service management, Psychological experimental design, Computational modeling and Simulation, Travel facilitation for elderly population and people with disabilities, Sustainability evaluation in tourism/hospitality