FAU Knightline with Rainford Knight, Ph.D.

AAAAGHH, finance is complicated!! That's where FAU Knightline can help. Join industry expert and FAU professor, Rainford Knight, as he breaks down the current and sometimes complicated news from the world of finance, and how it affects all of us where it matters most - our wallets.

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FAU's Rainford Knight and Greenberg Capital's David Greenberg (Instagram) tackle the economic repercussions of the Saudi Arabian oil field attack.


FAU's Knight and Greenberg (Instagram) discuss the market-impact of economic uncertainty, tariffs, automation, and political infighting.


FAU's Knight and Greenberg (Instagram) revisit tariffs and their global impact. Plus, the growing disconnect between the markets and Main Street, USA. Knightline is supported by the FAU Financial Analyst Program.


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