Why Pursue an Internship?

  1. Internships or other relevant work experience are very often expected by prospective employers.
  2. An internship gives you the chance to work with professionals in the "real" world.
  3. An internship help you learn new skills that are transferable to other employment settings.
  4. An internship helps you to make contact with professionals already in your target industry
  5. Your internship supervisor is an important professional reference when you begin a job search.
  6. An internship helps in the creation of a well-rounded portfolio of experiences that will give you a competitive edge in the job search.
  7. An internship allows you to "test out" the world of work and explore real economic environments to find your areas of strength and interest.
  8. An internship helps with the development and implementation of career goals


How to find Internship Opportunities

Meet with the College of Business Career and Internship Team to create your target list of Internships. 

Useful Internship Search Tools Include:

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