International Business

International Business is an extension of a business program. You’ll learn about standard business practices, ethics, and economics, and you’ll generally focus on a subset of the field such as accounting, finance, or marketing. A major in International Business will lead you to use your business skills in a global context. You might learn about business transactions between and within countries; the laws and logistics of international trade; or investments made in foreign markets.

It goes without saying that knowledge of other cultures is crucial to being a successful International Businessperson. Besides your studies in business, finance, banking, you will also learn about new cultures and societies, strange laws and perspectives. You might be required to become proficient in a foreign language—even if a language isn’t required for your degree, it will certainly make you a more appealing prospective employee. If you’re successful mastering all this, you’ve got a good shot at being admitted to the jetsetter crowd.

Many universities offer internships at overseas companies, so you’ll be able to actually see what it’s like to work in a foreign business environment. Keep in mind, too, that an appreciation for travel and a compassionate world view are assets in this field.

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