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Overview of Course Information

Choose one of the two concentrations below and take all courses in the chosen concentration.

Senior Year (18 credits)    
Business Analytics Concentration*    
Introduction to Business Analytics and Big Data (fall) ISM 3116 3
Data Mining and Predictive Analytics (fall) ISM 4117 3
Social Media and Web Analytics (spring) or ISM 4420 3
Contemporary Issues in Digital Data Management (spring) ISM 4041 3
Cyber Security Concentration*    
Introduction to Cybersecurity(fall) ISM 4320 3
Management of Information Assurance and Security (fall) ISM 4323 3
Computer Forensics (spring) ISM 4324 3
Required Graduate-Level Courses    
Advanced Business Analytics (spring) ISM 6405 3
Management of Information Systems and Technology (summer) ISM 6026 3
Graduate Business Communication Applications (summer) GEB 6215 3

* ISM 4930, Special Topics, or ISM 4940, Information Technology and Operations Management Internship, may be used as substitutes to fulfill concentration requirements.

Graduate (fifth) Year (24 credits)    
Information Technology Project and Change Management ISM 6316 3
Information Security Management ISM 6328 3
Enterprise Information Technology Service
ISM 6368 3


Web-Based Business Development ISM6508  3
Information Technology Sourcing Management ISM6509  3
Choose from menu of CECS courses below   3

Choose from menu of CECS courses below



College of Engineering and Computer Science (CECS) Course Options, total 9 credits    
Data Mining and Machine learning CAP 6673 3
Software Testing CEN 6076 3
Software Engineering CEN 5035 3
Computer Data Security CIS 6370 3
Computer Network Programming CNT 5715 3
Mobile Computing CNT 6517 3
Object-Oriented Software Design COP 5339 3
Component Programming with .NET COP 5595 3
Theory and Implementation of Database Systems COP 6731 3
Topics in Computer Science (Advanced Web Technologies) COT 5930 3
Wireless Networks EEL 6591 3


* ISM 6942, Graduate Information Technology and Operations Management Internship, may be substituted for one of the required College of Business courses (offerings are dependent upon employer availability).

** Students who took ISM 4320 and ISM 4323 need to consult with their graduate advisor to take a substitute course.

For more information about the MIS major, please visit the MIS major page. For more information about the MSITM program, please visit the general MSITM program page.

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