Admission Requirements

Students with 6 or less courses to complete a BBA degree are not eligible to become exclusively Online BBA Program students. They may however attempt to register for Online BBA courses at the end of the registration priority period for current online majors (usually two or three weeks prior to the start of the semester).

Florida Atlantic University's College of Business adopted a selective admissions policy in 2007. The selective admission standards are effective for students entering FAU (freshmen or transfers) in fall of 2007 and after. Any degree-seeking student continually enrolled at FAU prior to fall 2007 is exempt from the admissions standards. The admissions standards (GPA, Pre-Business foundation coursework, etc.) in effect at the time of application to a major pertain to any student (admitted to FAU fall 2007 or after) regardless of the time of initial enrollment or admission to the University.

The selective admissions policy categorizes students into two groups:

Lower-division students

Lower-division is defined as those students who have yet to complete the upper-division admissions requirements (Pre-Business status).

Upper-division students

Upper-division is defined as those students who have met the standards and are admitted to a selective major. To be admitted to upper-division, students must meet a set a criteria.

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