Online BBA Registration

Course selection and Registration for the Online BBA Program

Select courses after all registration holds are cleared and an advising consultation has been completed for the Online BBA Program. Online BBA courses become available for registration by traditional students, if seats are still available, approximately two to three weeks before the first day of classes. Otherwise, only Online BBA declared majors are able to regsiter for the Online BBA courses.

Step 1

View Online BBA course offerings on Departmental Course Schedule

From the 5 drop down menus select as in the following example: ( Register for courses with pre-requisites you have completed or are in-progress)

1.Term: Fall 2015 (example)
2.Campus: Distance Learning
3.College:College of Business
Online BBA

View the schedule, find and write down the 5-digit CRN number(s) for your course(s).
To view course prerequisites, restrictions, Instructor’s email and other course details – click on the CRN number.

Step 2

Register for online classes.

  • Go to the FAU home page
  • Place your mouse pointer over the red tab labeled “Current Students”
  • Select “MyFAU Login” from the drop down menu
  • Enter your “FAUNet ID” (first part of your FAU email) and Password, and click “Login”
  • Under the “Home” tab, Click on “FAU Self-Service”
  • Click on the “Student Services” Main Menu item (or the Student Services tab)
  • Click on “Registration”
  • Click on “Add/Drop Classes”
  • Select your “Term” from the drop down arrow, and click “Submit”
  • Find the empty cells at the bottom of the page and enter the 5-digit CRN number for each class and when done then click “Submit”
  • Click on “Student Services” once more

Select “Registration” and print your schedule by clicking “My Schedule” to confirm your registration. Scroll down to see your schedule, below the “Order Books” buttons. If you have no courses, then you will see “You are not currently registered for the term.”

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