Online BBA Majors & Minors

Florida Atlantic University's AACSB-accredited College of Business offers the 3rd and 4th year of upper-division (3/4000 numbered) business courses in the Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree program as fully online with majors in Management (Leadership option), Marketing (General option), or Accounting. All lower-division courses and requirements must be completed prior to entering the OBBA program. The Online BBA degree program has the same academic core curriculum and rigor as the Traditional BBA program at FAU and is taught by the same faculty. All 3rd and 4th year courses are offered online and can be completed in a minimum of 2 years, by transfer students.



The accounting major provides students with a solid educational foundation for entry into professional careers in accounting-related areas of business and government. The program prepares students to pursue advanced education in accounting and related fields. Students desiring to register for ACG 3131 (Intermediate Accounting Theory 1) and ACG 3341 (Cost Accounting) must satisfactorily complete the School of Accounting Competency Exam.


Online BBA students have the opportunity to major in Management, specializing in leadership and applied management skills.


The Department of Marketing offers programs to prepare students for positions and professional careers in the fields of marketing and advertising. Marketing provides students with an enduring base of knowledge and the ability to adopt new marketing practices as they evolve. A variety of marketing courses are offered, and students can create their own specializations under the popular general marketing major.

Applicants may start in any term.


Hospitality & Tourism Management

Hospitality & Tourism Management is a comprehensive field that is vital for most businesses to not only survive, but more importantly, to thrive in the competitive nature of today’s domestic and global markets. Our diverse range of courses available to Hospitality & Tourism Management minors includes: Hospitality Law, Hospitality Marketing, Revenue Management Practices, Hotel & Resort Management, Excellence in Guest Service Management, Performance Analysis for Hospitality Management, Meetings and Events Management, Principles of Food and Beverage Management, Human Resources Management for the Hospitality Industry, Club Management, International Experience in Hospitality Management, and more.

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