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Program Overview

The Ph.D. concentration in Management reflects the particular strengths of the faculty in the Department of Management, International Business and Entrepreneurship. Doctoral candidates have been working with faculty on dissertations in the areas of human resources and organization development, international management and business, and domestic, entrepreneurial and international business strategy.

Candidates are also working in the areas of organizational knowledge development and transmission, business associations as facilitators of international business activities, employment discrimination, franchising, international business ethics, and organizational training and development.

Below is a list of courses at the doctoral level that have been taught in years past. While there are few required courses in research methods and the major areas of management, doctoral courses are specifically selected to follow the areas which interest the students, and also coincide with the strengths of the faculty.

MAN 7326 Industrial/Organizational Psychology 3 credits
MAN 7685 International Organizational Studies 3 credits
MAN 7729 Strategic Management Seminar 3 credits
MAN 7931 Special Topics in Management 3 credits
MAN 7978 Advanced Research in Management 1-9 credits
MAN 7980 Doctoral Dissertation - Management 1-15 credits
QMB 7567 Measurement Design and Evaluation 3 credits

For additional information about the concentration in management, please contact the Ph.D. Advisor in Management, Dr. Gary Castrogiovanni, castrogi@fau.edu.

Management, International Business & Entrepreneurship Faculty

The faculty members are actively engaged in ongoing research and have published in a number of leading academic journals. Faculty is particularly interested in researching the following areas within business:

  • human resource management and development
  • leadership and influence tactics
  • mentoring
  • performance appraisal systems
  • small business and entrepreneurship
  • venture capital financing
  • the impact of culture on management
  • international decision-making
  • international acquisition performance
  • cross-cultural studies
  • expatriate staffing and selection
  • business and leadership ethics
  • organizational adaptation
  • competitive behavior and strategy
  • diversification and performance
  • business and public policy

Recent Graduates

Student Initial Placement
Steve Stewart Georgia Southern University
Bryan Deptula Central Washington University
Aycan Kara Indiana University Southeast


Dr. Andac Arikan aarikan@fau.edu
Dr. Barry Axe baxe@fau.edu
Dr. Patrick Bernet Pbernet@fau.edu
Dr. Stephanie Castro scastro@fau.edu
Dr. Gary Castrogiovanni castrogi@fau.edu
Dr. Janice Cerveny Cervenyj@fau.edu
Dr. Donna Cooke cooke@fau.edu
Dr. Kimberly Ellis Kellis15@fau.edu
Dr. Peggy Golden golden@fau.edu
Dr. Gulcin Gumus ggumus@fau.edu
Dr. Beth Goodrick Goodrick@fau.edu
Dr. Michael Harari mharari@fau.edu
Dr. David Herst dherst@fau.edu
Dr. Tomasz Lenartowicz Lenartow@fau.edu
Dr. Mingxiang Li lim@fau.edu
Dr. Mantha Mehallis Mehallis@fau.edu
Dr. Larry Newman lnewma10@fau.edu
Dr. Dennis Palkon dpalkon@fau.edu
Dr. Mark Peterson mpeterso@fau.edu
Dr. James Riordan jriordan@fau.edu
Dr. Harry Schwartz hschwart@fau.edu
Dr. Deborah Searcy dsearcy@fau.edu
Dr. Ciprian Stan stanc@fau.edu
Dr. Ethlyn Williams ewilliam@fau.edu
Dr. Linsey Willis lwillis@fau.edu
Dr. Kurt Wurthman Kwurthma@fau.edu


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