Center for Services Marketing & Management

The Center for Services Marketing & Management at Florida Atlantic University was founded in 1991 with the mission of cocreating new knowledge and understanding of services marketing. The Center’s stakeholders include services professionals, students, and research scholars.

In FAU’s five county service area of Southeast Florida, service firms in industries such as health, tourism, restaurant and entertainment, finance, real estate, and transportation have significantly contributed to economic development and high standards of service. The Center’s current areas of focus include:

  • Service Design & Management
  • Customer Relationship/Experience Management
  • Service Innovation
  • Service Excellence & Service Recovery
  • Service Technologies
  • Cocreating Value with Customers
  • Customer-Focused Metrics (CLV, NPS, etc.)
  • Service Productivity & Effectiveness
  • Adding Services & Solutions/Servitization
  • Legal and Ethical Issues in Services Marketing and Management
  • Transnational Services Planning & Delivery
  • Services Employees & Culture
  • Transformative Service Research

The Center’s goals include connecting services professionals, FAU faculty, and FAU students with the intent to collaborate on initiatives and projects that are critical to understanding, designing, and delivering excellent service. The Center is also focused on the training and workforce development needs of center partners.

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Mission of the Center

The Center for Services Marketing & Management will engage in knowledge development and dissemination in scholarly and practical aspects of services marketing and management, and develop current and future services professionals and scholars. 

Goals of the Center

The Center’s two focal areas of knowledge development and knowledge dissemination are summarized below in two broad areas of knowledge development and knowledge dissemination.

I. Knowledge Development Goals:

A. Stimulating and Encouraging Scholarly Interest

  1. To generate interest and curiosity in the area of services marketing and management among the faculty and Ph.D. students in the Department of Marketing so that topics within this area are considered a viable field of research.
  2. To generate interest and curiosity in the area of services among other departments in the College of Business as well as other departments within FAU so that topics within this area are considered a viable field of cross-disciplinary research.
  3. To invite leading experts in the field for presentations before faculty and students at FAU so as to generate interest in and knowledge about the field.

B. Encouraging and Supporting Scholarly Activity

  1. To support research projects in the area of services marketing and management that advance the current state of knowledge in the field.
  2. To support knowledge development efforts that lead to the recognition of the Center as a leading institution of research in the field of services marketing and management.
  3. To act as a bridge between researchers across various departments within FAU for executing cross-disciplinary research in the field of services marketing and management.
  4. To enable liaisons and networks with other institutions of higher learning as well as industry for knowledge development in the field.

II. Knowledge Dissemination Goals

A. Scholarly Dissemination

  1. To actively engage in knowledge dissemination through presentations of research supported by the Center at academic conferences and publications in refereed journals.
  2. To manage an active website with white papers and research for access by interested academics and practitioners.
  3. To develop and manage a working paper series of research activity at FAU.

B. Education and Training

  1. To provide support to faculty interested in developing and offering courses and modules in the fields classified within services marketing and management.
  2. To provide support for executive education in the area of services marketing and management.
  3. To conduct training sessions and seminars to interested practitioners.


Objectives and Strategic Activities of the Center

Spurring Scholarly Interest and Research

  • Provide research support award for projects and papers directly related to services marketing and management.
  • Provide dissertation support award for Ph.D. students writing their dissertation thesis on topics directly related to services marketing and management of customer service.
  • Provide registration funding for national services marketing and customer service management conferences.
  • Maintain website with information on the activities of the Center, funding available for research, and links to various services marketing and management journals, conferences, and other events.
  • Manage a Working Paper Series for projects and papers on areas within services marketing and management funded or otherwise supported by the Center.
  • Establish a Seminar Series, which would include presentation of research by leading services experts from across the nation as well as presentations by FAU faculty.

Education, Training, and Industry Partnerships

  • The Center will actively seek to market itself as the leading Center of its kind for education, training, and workforce development within FAU and within the local business community in South Florida through the following activities:
  • Support to faculty interested in developing services marketing and management courses and/or course modules for use within related courses (e.g., operations management, international business). Such support will include cover limited funding for pedagogical materials, consultations for the development of pedagogical materials, and expenses for guest speakers in classes.
  • Provide training sessions on practical aspects of services marketing and management for interested members of the local business community.
  • Create a network of interested members of the local business community to advise the Center as well as act as liaison between the Center and the business community for seeking sources of funding, development of training and workforce development programs, and for internships and placement of FAU undergraduate and graduate students interested in pursuing a career in services.

Center Faculty

FAU Faculty

Services Marketing 
Dr. Cheryl Burke Jarvis
Dr. Gopalkrishnan R. Iyer
Dr. Paul S. Koku
Dr. Pradeep Korgaonkar
Dr. Melanie Lorenz
Dr. Tamara F. Mangleburg
Dr. C.M. Sashi
Dr. Eric Shaw

Hospitality & Tourism
Dr. Peter Ricci
Dr. Anil Bilgihan
Dr. Melih Madanoglu
Dr. Ye Zhang

Health Administration & Management
Dr. Pierre Alexandre
Dr. Alan Whiteman

Services Operations and Management:
Dr. Ravi Behara
Dr. Sunil Babbar

Affiliated Center Faculty


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Department of Marketing

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