Center for Services Marketing & Management

The Center for Services Marketing & Management in the Department of Marketing, College of Business, at Florida Atlantic University was founded in 1991 with the mission of cocreating new knowledge and understanding of services issues. The Center’s stakeholders include services professionals, students, and research scholars.

In FAU’s service area of Southeast Florida, service firms in industries have significantly contributed to economic development and high standards of service. The Center’s current areas of focus include:

  • Service Design & Management
  • Customer Relationship/Experience Management
  • Customer Engagement & Loyalty
  • Service Innovation
  • Service Excellence & Service Recovery
  • Service Technologies
  • Cocreating Value with Customers
  • Customer-Focused Metrics (CLV, NPS, etc.)
  • Service Productivity & Effectiveness
  • Adding Services & Solutions/Servitization
  • Legal and Ethical Issues in Services Marketing and Management
  • Cultural Issues in Service Delivery
  • Services Employees & Culture
  • Transformative Service Research
  • Hospitality & Tourism Services

Center faculty are experienced in working in a variety of industries, including but not limited to hospitality, tourism, health care, financial services, and retailing. The Center's goals is to create a community of curious minds from a wide variety of industries and companies. 

The Center’s goals include connecting services professionals, FAU faculty, and FAU students with the intent to collaborate on initiatives and projects that are critical to understanding, designing, and delivering excellent service. The Center is also focused on the training and workforce development needs of center partners.

Mission of the Center

The Center for Services Marketing & Management will cocreate value with its partners by serving as a connection point for faculty, students, and professionals to engage in discussions, education, and projects that address real-world services issues. 

Objectives and Strategic Activities of the Center

Connecting Partners (Faculty, Students, Professionals) to Engage in Solving Important Issues in Service

Coproducing and Disseminating Scholarly and Applied Research

Providing Education and Training with Industry Partnerships




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