Traditional Ph.D. Tuition & Financial Aid

Traditional Ph.D. Tuition

  • In-State: $371.82 per credit hour
  • Out-of State: $1,026.81 per credit hour
  • 80 credits total

Methods of Payment

  • Assistantship
  • Federal Financial Aid
  • Tuition Reimbursement
  • Self Pay Installments
  • Private Lending
  • Military/Veterans Benefits


Ph.D. students on an assistantship receive $38,000 over the fall and spring semesters ($19,000 per semester). They also receive tuition waivers, which covers a large proportion of the tuition payment. They may also have an option to earn extra money by teaching a course in the summer if a course is available and if they are qualified to teach that course. Students on an assistantship are normally assigned to assist faculty with research and teaching for their first two years (maximum of 20 hours per week). A significant part of their assignment may involve activities that prepare students for teaching skills, which can provide some quality control for their future teaching assignments. When students are assigned only teaching responsibilities, the normal assignment is a total of three courses over the Fall and Springs semesters. Student teaching or research assistance may be assigned to either the Boca Raton or the Davie campuses. Students can normally conduct their research assistance at either campus or wherever they use a computer to access FAU's electronic library and databases. Assistantships are normally renewable for students making satisfactory progress on their work assignments and on their coursework. The maximum time period in which a student can receive an assistantship is normally five years from the date at which they entered the Ph.D. program. If students are not using their allocated hours to perform the research assistance, the teaching development, or the teaching tasks adequately, their assistantship may be discontinued immediately.

Federal Financial Aid

Students whose method of tuition payment is federal financial aid should complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) at Most students who apply for Federal Financial Aid (Stafford Loan) via the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) are eligible for $20,500 per academic year in loans. The awarded amount is divided into 2 semesters - fall and spring. Once awarded, the funds can be declined, decreased or accepted in the amount awarded. The amount of tuition covered by the financial aid is deferred until the aid award is disbursed. View the FAU Financial Aid database for comprehensive federal loan information, forms, and resources.

Tuition Reimbursement

A copy of your company tuition reimbursement policy is required by our office. We will provide information to you required by your Department of Human Resources. Students who are using full or partial tuition reimbursement as their method of payment receive a grade sheet and invoice or receipt at the end of each semester. The amount of tuition covered by the tuition reimbursement policy is deferred and should be received up to 30 days after the end of each semester.

Students with partial tuition reimbursement declare a supplemental method of tuition payment. e.g. financial aid or self pay, which covers the remaining tuition.

Self Pay Installments

A payment plan is provided for students who select the self pay method.

Private Lending

Private, credit-based lending is accepted by the university to assist students with covering full or partial tuition and fees. Lending companies include banks, credit unions, and other financial institutions. Students are advised to consult with the lending company regarding specific eligibility requirements, interest rates, disbursement options, repayment terms, and other factors.

Military/Veterans Benefits

Students using the GI Bill must complete the VA Certification Request form with all required documents. Upon approval, an FAU VA Official will certify eligibility for funding each semester after being registered for degree-seeking courses and based on continued eligibility. Refer to for further details, instructions, and resources.

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