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The College of Business needs your help to continue its long-standing tradition of academic, research and entrepreneurial excellence. As support from the state decreases, our desire to fund the education of promising students, develop new programs, improve our facilities and provide the infrastructure needed for ongoing research remains, yet becomes more difficult. For this reason, we turn to you and encourage you to become our partner in the ongoing success of the college.

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Discover why it’s important to support the college, especially in today’s economy.

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There are many ways to donate to the College of Business---from cash and securities to long-range planned giving---but all are needed and greatly appreciated.

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In Memorium of Dr. Jim Riordan, Director of the MBA Sport Mangement program, the FAU Foundation has established The Dr. Jim Riordan Student Support Endowment to continue making an impact for FAU MBA Sport honoring his legacy at FAU and in our community.