Undergraduate Admission


Applying for Admission to FAU

University admissions are handled by the Office of Undergraduate Admissions. Any questions that you may have regarding admission to FAU, deadlines, your application status, etc. should be directed to that office.

After acceptance to the university, freshman and transfer students will attend new student orientation and receive academic advising.  Second bachelor's students do not have to attend orientation and should immediately make an appointment with a College of Business academic advisor by calling 561-297-3688.

Transfer Students:  Please visit the College of Business Transfer Students page for more information.


College of Business Requirements for Admission to a Major

Admission to FAU does not guarantee admission to any specific major. All prospective students for traditional (non-online) business majors are admitted to FAU as “Pre-Business.” Prospective online students are admitted as "Pre-Business Online." 

Admissions Requirements to Declare a Traditional Major in the College of Business

Admissions Requirements to Declare an Online BBA (OBBA) Major in the College of Business

 Students who have completed the requirements outlined in the links above can declare a business major by bringing the undergraduate major change forms to a College of Business academic advisor for approval.  (There is no separate admission application to the College of Business.)

Please note: The term Online BBA (OBBA) at FAU is used to describe the 3rd and 4th year of the BBA degree offered in a fully online format. The College of Business offers online majors and does not offer an “OBBA” degree. Your diploma will not include the terms “Online”, “Online BBA”, or “OBBA”.