Undergraduate Admission

University admissions are handled by the Office of Undergraduate Admissions. As such, any questions that you may have regarding admission to FAU, deadlines, your application status, or special information for transfer or international students should be directed to that office.

Admissions Requirements to Declare Majors in the College of Business

Admissions Requirements to Declare a Traditional Major in the College of Business

Admissions Requirements to Declare an Online BBA (OBBA) Major in the College of Business

Because the University does not guarantee acceptance to majors in the College of Business, students who plan to pursue a business degree are accepted to the college as preliminary business students, also known as lower-division or Pre-business students. Typically, freshmen and sophomore, lower-division students are restricted in the business courses they may register for and need to focus on meeting the requirements to be eligible to declare a major within the College of Business. Click on the link above for the College of Business Requirements for Admission to a Major. Students meeting the admission sheet criteria may apply to declare a College of Business major using the Change of Major form (form #7).

Please note: The term Online BBA (OBBA) at FAU is used to describe the 3rd and 4th year of the BBA degree offered in a fully online format. The College of Business offers online majors and does not offer a “OBBA” degree. Your diploma will not include any of these terms “Online”, “Online BBA”, or “OBBA”.





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