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why are you pursuing a degree?

  • New Career
  • Promotion
  • Career Change
  • Passion for the Subject
  • Leadership
  • Industry Exploration
  • Career Growth
  • Skill Augmentation
  • Ambition


 While it is true that every student has a different motivation continuing their education, there are several things that all students must prepare to do with their new skills, abilities, course of study, etc. Navigating the world after college can seem overwhelming, regardless of your original inspirations to enroll in classes with FAU's College of Business. The Internship and Professional development team is dedicated to that all too common question:

"i have my Business Degree, now what?"

Everybody has a different goals, even if you aren't quite sure how to reach them. Our Professional Development coaches, can help you organize, plan, identify obstacles(or opportunities) and make arrangements to reach your individual goals. Here are some of the ways we can help:
Networking Elevator pitch Resume Enhancement Career Counseling

Bottom line

The Internship & Professional Development team, has one purpose: To help FAU College of Business students bridge the gap from academia into the professional world.  This will vary from student to student, thus we offer personalized feedback to each student that we work with.  Ongoing individual coaching is offered, where a resume review is just the beginning.  The student's self-marketing is assessed, along with interview skills, social media impact, presentation, existing network, networking abilities, among other things that are considered in the cannon of professionalism, but rarely discussed.  
Once assessed, a plan of action is created focused on addressing the pieces that are found wanting.  Providing realtime tasks that are designed to improve the marketability of the the student's background and presentation.  Workshops, clinics, presentations, are also used to further develop soft skills that may be lacking in addition to the one on one coaching.  



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