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Flexible MBA Curriculum

Flexible MBA Curriculum

Flexible MBA Course Flow Diagram Sheet

Flow Diagram

Flexible MBA Specialization Sheet


The Flexible MBA is 43-55 credits:

  • 31-43 credits core courses
    12 credits may be waived for students with an undergraduate business degree
    for students that have taken equivalent undergraduate business courses.
  • 12 credits electives/specialization

Flexible MBA Core Curriculum: 31-43 Credits

The MBA core curriculum is designed to provide a strong, comprehensive foundation in business management.

  • BUL 6455 Business Law and Applied Ethics (1.5 credits) - Semester 1
  • ECP 6705 Advanced Managerial Economics (1.5 credits) - Semester 1
  • GEB 6215 Graduate Business Communication (3 credits) - Semester 1
  • GEB 6931 Executive Forum (1.0 credits) - First Available Semester
  • *ACG 6027 Financial Accounting (3 credits) - Semester 2
  • MAN 6296 Leadership and Organizations (3 credits) - Semester 2
  • ACG 6315 Advanced Analysis and Application of Accounting Data (3 credits)
  • *FIN 6406  Financial Management (3 credits)
  • FIN 6806 Advanced Financial Management (3 credits)
  • ISM 6026 Management Information Systems and Technology (3 credits)
  • MAN 6501 Operations Management (3 credits)
  • MAN 6937 Global Environment of Management (3 credits)
  • *MAR 6055 Marketing Functions and Processes (3 credits)
  • MAR 6815 Advanced Marketing Management (3 credits)
  • MAN 6721 Global Business Strategy (3 credits)
  • *QMB 6603 Data Analysis for Managers (3 credits)

*Course can be waived if student has taken undergraduate course equivalent

Electives/Specialization Courses: 12 Credits

Master of Business Administration students can tailor their MBA experience by choosing four courses (12 credits) from more than 70 business elective courses. The four elective courses can be taken across different areas of specialization leading to a "general" MBA degree. Alternatively, students can choose the four elective courses from one area of specialization in order to acquire depth in a specific business discipline. While all Flexible MBA students must complete the four elective courses, choosing to specialize in one area is an option, not a requirement.

It is important that you choose courses that will assist you in reaching your academic and future career goals. Academic advising is available for students who would like guidance through the process. Flexible MBA students can choose electives or a MBA specialization from:

Curriculum information for students admitted before spring 2014 can be found under "Masters & Ph.D.: Current Students".

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