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BPC 2016 final winners

FAU Business Plan Competition

Thank you for your interest in the Florida Atlantic University (FAU) Business Plan Competition!

Our annual competition took place on Monday, April 11, 2016. We had an incredible keynote speaker, Stephen Spinelli Jr. Stephen. current president of Philadelphia University, co-founder of Jiffy Lube and Chairman and CEO of the American Oil Change Corporation.

Congratulations to our winners!

1st Place- FacePlay

2nd Place- Aquaurum

3rd Place- Design IQ

Best Pitch Video- Mind & Melody

Teams who participated in the competition had the opportunity to meet and network with experienced venture capital principals, early stage angel investors, successful entrepreneurs, and senior business leaders who will serve as judges for the competition. The competition provides an unparalleled experience for the participants providing time to interact with the judging panel to receive their valuable feedback.


Venture teams comprised of FAU students, faculty and staff. Students must be registered and taking class in the spring semester and considered in “good standing.” At least one person on the team has to meet the criteria not the entire group.

Teams will compete for cash prize money, legal and business services, office space at FAU’s Research Park Authority, the possibility to advance to the state and national competitions (if available) and present their business plan to local angel and VC groups and more.


Eligibility to participate in the FAU Business Plan Competition is initially determined by meeting the deadlines and submission requirements. FAU Student Track participants should review all eligibility criteria as detailed within the competition Office Rules.

FAU faculty and staff will select judges based on their business experience and investing expertise particularly in connection with entrepreneurship, and their interest in supporting early stage entrepreneurs. Past judges include representatives from Fortune 100 companies, prominent local law firms, finance consultants and venture capital investors. Business plan submissions are made and screened in a preliminary round by faculty & subject matter experts. A total of 10 finalist teams will advance to the final round to compete in the FAU Business Plan Competition.

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