Online Student Spotlight - Blaine Brooks

Blaine Brooks

What is your major?

Online Bachelors Business Marketing

How are online classes making it possible for you to keep working towards your degree?

After deciding to change my career and go back to school to earn my degree it was important for me to have the ability to maintain my income. The ability to balance work with taking classes online meant that I could keep my day job while pursuing my dream. 


What did you like the most about online classes?

The best thing about having classes online was not having to deal with Boca traffic! 

What is the most important benefit offered by online classes?

There were so many benefits to taking classes online but the biggest benefit to me was not having to completely rearrange my life to take classes.

How do you balance work, family and school?

Finding balance with a full time job, 2 internships and classes is not easy but it can be done especially with a supportive team of friends and family. Manage time wisely and don't forget time for yourself too

What advice do you have for future Owls considering FAU?

The best advice I can give is to go for it. The first step is always the scariest but the result is well worth it!