Online Student Spotlight - Olivia Aleguas

Olivia Aleguas additioinal

What is your major?


How are online classes making it possible for you to keep working towards your degree?

I have simultaneously worked three jobs during most of my college career, and I can honestly say that it would not have been possible to graduate on time without FAU's amazing online program. I highly recommend this program for busy students!

What did you like the most about online classes?

I loved being able to access all my classes from anywhere as long as I had internet and a laptop/mobile device.


What is the most important benefit offered by online classes?Olivia Aleguas

The flexibility of online classes is something I highly value, as it allowed me to complete schoolwork and take exams accordingto my schedule.

How do you balance work, family and school?

Organization is crucial. The second I get access to a syllabus, I add every due date into my Google calendar.

What advice do you have for future Owls considering FAU?

As a transfer student, I am extremely happy to have ended up at FAU. Their online program is amazing and I cannot imagine finishing school at any other institution.