Online Student Spotlight: Richard Hill


Richard Hall

"The online classes are an incredible way to take classes and fit them around a full time work schedule."

What is your major?


How are online classes making it possible for you to keep working towards your degree?

I enjoy how online classes allow the possibility of creating your schedule and work ahead, within the framework of course deadlines.

What did you like the most about online classes?

The professors are excellent at following up.

What is the most important benefit offered by online classes?


How do you balance work, family and school?

Family first, followed by work and you fit school in where you can.  You must be disciplined and focused.

What advice do you have for future Owls considering FAU?

Honestly, I like the classroom and the face to face, but FAU has made it so it's easy to sign up for these type of classes. Everyone should take advantage.