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FAU Business faculty are respected resources who provide evidence-based insights into current business and economic topics. The Phil Smith Fellows and Professors share their expertise with local, regional, and national audiences to help business communities, consumers, and policy makers make better informed economic decisions. 



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Phil Smith Book Club

Student Book Club Explores Free Market Economic Principles

By | 04/10/2024

Each semseter, a group of students from economics courses met once a week to discuss a chapter of a book centered on the dangers of unneeded regulation.

Senator Gramm

From Capitol Hill to the Classroom: Senator Phil Gramm Shares Economic Research on “The Myth of American Inequality”

By | 04/03/2024

The Phil Smith Center for Free Enterprise welcomed former Senator Phil Gramm to the FAU College of Business, Tuesday, March 26th. Gramm, who was an economics professor at Texas A&M University before running for the Senate, spoke on his economic research on income inequality in the United States. Over 200 students in Dr. Monica Escaleras’ Principles of Macroeconomics course learned about his career in the Senate as well as his data findings related to inequality in America.

Armstron Williams Guest Speaker

The Advantages of Free Markets: The Phil Smith Center Welcomes National Speakers

By | 11/20/2023

This fall, the Phil Smith Center for Free-Enterprise welcomed two guest speakers to draw attention to aspects of business often swept under the rug. Terms typically limited to news headlines, such as inflation, unemployment, and productivity, became more accessible to College of Business students this semester.




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