Six Sigma Master Black Belt (Online)

Six Sigma is an integrated, disciplined, and proven approach for improving business performance, providing tangible business results and savings. In addition, Florida Atlantic University's Six Sigma certifications include Lean components. Six Sigma's focus on quality complements Lean techniques focused on efficiencies; and, when combined, these skills promote business and operational excellence.

Six Sigma Master Black Belts are able to initiate and lead defined Six Sigma projects, and implement quality initiatives throughout an organization while providing mentorship and guidance to Six Sigma Green and Black Belts.

If you are pursuing a career which aids businesses in improving production and minimizes inefficiencies from every product, process, and customer transaction, Six Sigma certification will ensure that you have the knowledge and credential to succeed.

Program Details

  • Format: Online
  • Dates: Enroll Anytime
  • Time: 6 month window to complete
  • Hours: 50 Hours-PDUs / 5.0 CEUs
  • Sessions: -
  • Fee: $2,595
  • Location: Online

Six Sigma Master Black Belt

As a busy professional, you're concerned with maintaining the balance between your work, your life, and your desire to learn and advance within your career. With Florida Atlantic University's Online Six Sigma Master Black Belt Certification training, you can keep that balance in place. We bring the course to your desktop, providing knowledge on demand and at your convenience.

Florida Atlantic University's Six Sigma Master Black Belt Certification Program provides students with the knowledge and skills needed to manage advanced Six Sigma projects and to actively lead organization-wide improvement efforts.

Master Black Belts will be able to utilize statistical analysis software (Minitab - can be ordered as an additional product at time of program registration) to advance organizational cost reduction and quality improvement efforts and be uniquely prepared to serve as a coach and mentor for Six Sigma Black Belts, Green Belts, Yellow Belts and other team members in your organization.

Participants who enroll in the Six Sigma Master Black Belt Certification Program will be equipped to manage advanced Six Sigma projects and to actively lead organization-wide improvement efforts.

The role of the MASTER Black Belt is to:

  • Train, mentor and coach everyone in the organization who is involved in Six Sigma
  • Raise the level of organizational competency with respect to Six Sigma
  • Be the highest level of technical expertise regarding Six Sigma in the organization
  • Develop and conduct training sessions
  • Transfer lessons learned
  • Assist upper management to drive change
  • Lead large and complex projects
  • Foster an organizational culture of continuous improvement

Instructional Method and Format

  • Taught by a Certified Six Sigma Master Black Belt
  • Convenient online, instructor-led program
  • Your instructor is available for guidance, discussions and to provide feedback on course work throughout the duration of the course
  • Lecture-based essons that can be completed at any time
  • Each lesson has an assignment, deliverable or quiz associated with it
  • Many assignments require that students participate with other students in discussions on the Discussion Board. The ability to look at and discuss the work of others is one of the value-added portions of this online course

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