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Accounting and Auditing PDP landing page imageAccounting and Auditing

Accounting and auditing are crucial business functions across every industry. Stakeholders depend on accountants to prepare timely and accurate financial reports. Auditors examine these financial documents to ensure accurate representation of a company’s financial position and verify that the accounting procedures comply with generally accepted accounting principles.

375FAU_L-300.jpgBusiness Technologies and Data Analytics

In today's data-driven landscape, businesses survive and thrive by leveraging advanced business technologies and data analytics to harness data-driven insights for formulating strategic plans and making informed decisions. Business Technologies and Data Analytics have emerged as the new competitive advantage, as understanding current results and predicting future possibilities are crucial steps toward optimizing operations across business functions.


Particularly during challenging economic times, financial acumen is expected at every organizational level and even non-finance professionals are expected to understand and contribute to a company’s financial policy. Participants who enroll in Florida Atlantic University’s Finance certification programs will increase their understanding of current financial techniques and practices, sharpen their skills in assessing the financial strength of their organization and its competitors, and be eligible to earn the industry's leading Finance designations and certifications:

FAU_M_090_CMBM-Main-Image.jpgHealthcare Administration and Medical Business Management

A patient's first impression of his or her physician can be made within the first few minutes of entering the medical office. Medical care today is undeniably a team effort, and no physician can successfully complete the continuum of care alone; communication, cooperation, and coordination of the medical office staff are vital to effective patient care and practice success. Florida Atlantic University's Healthcare Administration and Medical Business Management programs provide information essential to every practitioner and medical office professional on how to effectively run a medical business office.


Tens of billions of dollars are spent on the estimated twenty million meetings and events held every day. Today corporations, associations and organizations understand the importance and effectiveness of sponsoring meetings, conferences and special events that are strategically planned and executed in order to deliver value, results, and increased return on investment. Florida Atlantic University's Hospitality programs deliver the core components required for success as a hospitality professional.

499FAU_L-405_SHRM-Main-Page-Image.jpgHuman Resource Management

Because managing resources is critical to an organization’s success, knowledgeable and skilled Human Resource professionals are always in high demand. And, today's Human Resource generalists and specialists are tasked not only with talent management but are increasingly relied upon by senior executives to contribute to strategic planning. Human Resource professionals have moved from behind-the-scenes to leading the company in acquiring top talent and changing policies. Florida Atlantic University's Human Resource Management programs are designed for Human Resource professionals and those who want to become Human Resource professionals to develop the knowledge, methods, and skills necessary to meet the challenges of today's changing workplace.

FAU_101_PM-Preparatory-Main.jpgManagement and Leadership

For any business to not only survive, but also grow and remain profitable, its team must master crucial skills in management and leadership: skills that will differentiate an organization when economic and inter-personal crises occur, and create the most innovative and effective leaders within. Florida Atlantic University’s Management and Leadership programs guide students to develop advanced practices in management and leadership and become the next generation of leaders.


Marketing plays a critical role in any organization’s bottom line. Marketing managers are responsible for formulating an organization's marketing strategy, estimating demand for and identifying markets for the organization's products and services, and setting prices in order to maximize profits, increase market share and retain happy customers. Florida Atlantic University's Marketing programs will expand your knowledge of marketing practices.

204FAU_L-152_ECPM-MAIN-IMAGE.jpgProject Management

Project management has become the business world’s most sought–after skill set. As business environments become more complex, organizations are challenged with addressing a seemingly unlimited supply of new projects. Florida Atlantic University offers a wide selection of in-class and distance learning project management training programs, ideal for learning comprehensive project management methodology, preparing for the CAPM®, PMP® , PMI-SP®, PMI-RMP®, and PgMP® certification exams, or maintaining your certifications with specialized courses for project management professionals who would like advanced training or need to meet continuing certification requirements.


Strong sales are the fuel which powers every organization’s engines and plays one of the most critical roles in any organization’s success and longevity. Stellar sales managers will possess not only traits such as enthusiasm, passion, commitment, confidence, integrity and knowledge but also a strong foundation in sales management best practices which ensure that their team is at the top of the board each month. Florida Atlantic University's Sales Management programs deliver the essential skills for individual and organizational sales success.

375FAU_L-300.jpgLean Six Sigma

If you are pursuing a career which aids businesses in improving production and minimizes inefficiencies from every product, process, and customer transaction, Lean Six Sigma certification will ensure that you have the knowledge and credential to succeed. Earning your Yellow Belt, Green Belt, Black Belt and/or Master Black Belt from Florida Atlantic University is a proven way to maximize your performance, earn the respect of business professionals at all levels and achieve greater professional success in any industry. All of Florida Atlantic University's Lean Six Sigma programs will generate Professional Development Units (PDUs) that may also be applied toward receiving and maintaining The Project Management Institute’s credentials.


Strategic acumen is a trait fundamental for any leader to employ in various industries and professional settings. In Florida Atlantic University's Strategy courses, learn how to develop and finesse skills in strategy that will pave a foundation of understanding multiple types of landscapes, how to adapt to changing policies and climates, and how to mitigate risks and apply successful solutions. Our strategy courses enable deep understanding of approaching trends, managing stakeholders, and promoting alignment of business goals across multiple areas. Gain the ability to forecast both internal and organization-wide scenarios, and apply tools to conduct analyses that drive opportunity.

OD-101.jpgSupply Management

Supply chain management career opportunities are highly regarded across organizations ranging from traditional manufacturers and retailers to supply chain specialist consulting firms and service providers. Economic conditions dictate that supply chain management remains a key component to an organization’s success by increasing revenue and decreasing waste. Because company executives recognize the importance of implementing supply chain methodology, extensive growth and the need for skilled supply chain management experts will continue and Florida Atlantic University's Supply Managment programs will provide the knowledge necessary to succeed in this field.

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