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Scholarships are becoming more important than ever before. In the past ten years the typical American family has gotten poorer, with income dropping more than 7 percent since 2000, according to an article in USA Today.

The difficult economic times is causing America’s next generation, college students and young professionals to graduate college with more debt than ever before.

Our goal at FAU College of Business is to increase the opportunity for student scholarships. Through community support and sponsorship of our annual FAU Business Leader of the Year Awards Breakfast, we are able to award more than 35 FAU student scholarships each year.

Named Scholarships within the College of Business is also an excellent way for individuals, businesses and foundation partners to demonstrate their commitment to higher education and to achieve particular branding or philanthropic goals. A named scholarship is a way of leaving a legacy and supporting the students both now and in the future.

Recipient Testimonials

“This scholarship will allow me to successfully finish my degree and achieve my long term goals.”
~ Ameka Brown, Business Leader of the Year Scholarship recipient

“By awarding me the Business Leader of the Year scholarship at Florida Atlantic University you have opened up new possibilities in my education. I am a full-time student who has been struggling to work enough hours to help pay for my educational expenses. Although, I have been attending school and maintaining a superior academic standing, my completion of my education was always considered very volatile due to the financial hurdles that I face.”
~ Rajesh B. Maraj, Business Leader of the Year Scholarship recipient

“With the aid of your scholarship, I am able to continue my research project in hopes to present my findings at an academic conference. By furthering my research, I am also able to work toward my career goal of pursuing a Ph.D. in Business to become a professor, and further inspire students in the field of marketing.”
~ Gina Brynildsen, Business Leader of the Year Scholarship recipient

“I feel absolutely honored and privileged to be given this scholarship as well an opportunity to "pay it forward" to another dedicated and deserving student in future years.”
~ Calvin Bankert, FAU Dean's Merit Scholarship recipient

Support Scholarships



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