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At the FAU College of Business, you don't just study your chosen discipline in class: you live it. Writing business plans. Developing national polls. Solving financial challenges. Analyzing analytics to drive decision making. Working with your professors on rewarding research. Explore our AACSB-accredited business degrees. Apply for scholarships and financial aid. See how we prepare our graduates to lead people, progress and profitable new opportunities.


Why Is FAU College Of Business Your Best Choice?

Business success demands more than textbook knowledge. We immerse you in your chosen discipline and challenge you to think, innovate and lead.

Our Business Communications program builds your skills through specialized training and personalized coaching sessions to help you collaborate and lead more successfully. Our Career Development Center and study abroad programs offer you access to degree-related internships, international learning opportunities and job placement. Our innovative Research Centers convert your classroom learning into hands-on experience employers and clients respect.

Adams' Center for Entrepreneurship: Connect to both faculty and the business community through education programs, yearly business plan competition, mentorship programs and student-led community consulting projects.

Business and Economics Polling Initiative (BEPI): Design and execute public opinion research polls, conducting surveys on business, economic, political, and social issues at regional, state and national levels.

Trading Room: Experience Wall Street right here in Boca Raton. Realistic simulations use the same technology professional money managers employ to teach you real trading techniques and financial market principles.



Karlena Burch

Karlena Burch

Major: BBA Online Accounting

"Online classes through FAU allow me to work towards my bachelors in an area of study that is not available in a close proximity. The online flexibility also allows me to stay committed to my academics and maintain involvement with my family life.... more"

Robert Oakley

Robert Oakley

Major: OBBA Accounting

"Online classes are allowing me the flexibility to take classes while being a full time parent of two and a full time state employee. Florida Atlantic University is one of the few Universities that allow me to get my Accounting degree purely online.... more"

Dyna Virtue

Dyna Virtue

Major: Accounting Degree

"Due to a family emergency, I was unable to take traditional classes on campus, so I was relieved to find out they were offered online. I was able to learn the material when it was convenient for my schedule..... more

Richard Hill

Richard Hill

Major: Accounting

"The online classes are an incredible way to take classes and fit them around a full time work schedule..... more

Al Campbell

Al Campbell, Homecoming King 2017

Major: Management Information Systems

Concentration: Internet Security

"My goals are to make my family proud by obtaining my Bachelor's degree, following that I will pursue my Master's degree. I love FAU and all of the people who attend it. The diverse culture has molded me into a person I never thought I would be."

Thereza Rodrigues

Thereza Rodrigues

Major: Finance

"The leadership skills I have acquired while serving as Vice President of The Investors Association, coupled with the hands-on experience provided by my internship at Banyan Global Investment Advisors, has deeply enriched my academic experience at Florida Atlantic University. I look forward to further developing myself into a dynamic professional while contributing to the College of Business community."

Onur Basman

Onur Basman

"I am the President of the Student Health Advisory Council, and the Active Minds FAU Chapter. I serve as a representative at the Student Government Boca Raton House of Representatives, and as the Vice President of the International Friends Program, mentoring for international students. I am one of the few undergraduate researchers in the College of Business, working with Dr. Monica Escaleras in the Business Economics Polling Initiative."

Lucia Desantos

Lucia Desanto

Major: BBA in Accounting

Lucia DeSanto will receive her Bachelor of Business Administration majoring in Accounting with Italian and Human Resources Leadership minors this semester. Lucia is part of the Accounting Scholars Program and is currently serving in the FAU Presidential Administrative Cabinet as the Chief Financial Officer.

Vincenza Cuvin

Vincenza Cuvin

Major: Health Administration

“My internship at the Alzheimer’s Association of SE Florida Chapter has been the highlight of my college career. As I approach graduation, I have experienced hands-on health administration skills that I am excited to use towards my future career path!”

Michael De Bock

Michael De Bock

Alumni: EMBA

Michael De Bock graduated in 2014 with his MBA from the College of Business Executive Programs. Michael has returned to FAU many times to help guide current business communication students through his demonstration of a persuasive business argument.

Ana Albert

Alumni: EMBA

After graduating with her Bachelors in Marketing and her Executive Masters of Business Administration, Ana began NENANI Mentoring for Latina students. Through her mentoring program, Ana shares personal branding, leadership, and networking skills to prepare mentees for a successful future.


Department: Economics

FAU’s Business and Economics Polling Initiative’s latest poll shows a tight race in Florida for U.S. Senate seat and.... more


Department: Finance

FAU Buy vs. Rent Index Shows U.S. Homeowners Still Coming Out Ahead of Renters, But Just Barely... more

Anil Bilgihan

Assistant Professor, Department of Marketing/Hospitality and Tourism Management

Anil Bilgihan has been named to the editorial board of Psychology & Marketing as a special section editor.... more

Joseph Rakestraw & Julia Higgs

School of Accounting

Joseph Rakestraw, Assistant Professor, and Julia Higgs, Professor, both in the School of Accounting, with co-authors, Elizabeth Almer (Portland State University) and Mary Harris (Washington State University), have had their paper titled, “Gender Representation among the Partnership at Large CPA Firms: An Examination of Public Filers and Governmental Entities,” chosen for the Best Paper Award at the Western Region Meeting of the American Accounting Association (AAA). This paper had previously been awarded the Best Paper Award at the AAA Diversity Section Midyear Meeting held in 2017.... more

Eric H. Shaw

Professor Emeritus, Department of Marketing

Eric H. Shaw with co-author Justin R. Hall (former FAU Ph.D. student) of Jacksonville University, have had their article: “An Empirical Test of a Theoretical Model of Problem Solving” published in the Journal of Consumer Behavior, 2017, Vol 16, No. 4, pp. 371-393. DOI: more

Pradeep Korgaonkar

Professor, Department of Marketing

Pradeep Korgaonkar, Professor, Department of Marketing, with co-author John Gironda, have had their paper, “iSpy? Tailored vs. Invasive Ads and Consumers' Perceptions of Personalized Advertising,” accepted for publication in Electronic Commerce Research and Applications.... more


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AACSB Accredited

AACSB Accreditation

The FAU College of Business is proud to be an accredited member of AACSB
(The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business) International, the premier accreditation agency for Schools of Business worldwide.

Online Grad Programs

Best Online GRAD Business Programs

The FAU College of Business ranked among the top 50 online graduate business programs in U.S. News and World Report. This builds upon our MBA Program rankings in Bloomberg Businessweek, and most importantly, reflects the high quality of the faculty, professional staff, and the students in the program.

Online MBA programs

Best Online MBA Programs

The FAU College of Business ranked among the top programs in U.S. News and World Report. This builds upon our MBA Program rankings in Bloomberg Businessweek, and most importantly, reflects the high quality of the faculty, professional staff, and the students in the program.

Online Veterans

Best Online Veterans Programs

The FAU College of Business ranked among the top programs in U.S. News and World Report. This builds upon our MBA Program rankings in Bloomberg Businessweek, and most importantly, reflects the high quality of the faculty, professional staff, and the students in the program.

Sport Interantional Ranking

Best MBA Sports Program

Florida Atlantic University’s College of Business MBA in Sport Management program is among the best in the world, according to the latest rankings from SportBusiness International.

Best Schools - Hospitality

Best Hospitality Program

Florida Atlantic University ranks on The 30 Best Hospitality Degree Programs in the U.S.!

Best For Vets

Best For Veterans

Florida Atlantic University’s College of Business has been named the top business school in South Florida for veterans by Military Times magazine. It is also a top 50 business school in the country for veteran education, according to the 2015 “Best for Vets” survey.