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There's a lot going at the FAU College of Business! On this podcast, we speak with our students, alumni, faculty and staff in order to find out... (drumroll)... What's Happening @FAUbusiness.

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Self Leadership

Podcast: The Benefits of Self-Leadership

By | 10/14/2021

FAU professors, Ethlyn Williams, Ph.D., and Michael Harari, Ph.D., discuss their recent study of self-leadership, a concept that allows employees to manage themselves without relying on supervisors.

Saving Small Businesses

Podcast: Saving Small Businesses

By | 08/27/2021

FAU's Melanie Lorenz and Paul Owers discuss how small businesses can survive economic downturns like COVID-19.

Inflation of food prices

Podcast: 3Qs - The Threat of Inflation

By | 06/09/2021

FAU's Sofia Johan and Paul Owers discuss rising inflation and the threat it poses to consumers and economies.