Why do all undergraduate students in the College of Business have to take a business communications course?

Studies show that an increasing number of employers and recruiters rank strong communication skills at the top when making hiring decisions. By taking a course that emphasizes written and oral communication in the business world, FAU students have a competitive edge when they graduate.

Can students obtain an override to register for a section that is closed?

No. Class size is limited to 25, so instructors can provide students with individual attention, provide constructive feedback on assignments, and meet one-on-one with them. A smaller class size works better for group activities and peer-reviews.

Are Business Communication courses offered online?

Yes. Courses are offered both face-to-face and online. Face-to-face sections are preferable so students can communicate more directly with their peers and the instructor. Online sections are intended for those who seek an online degree, travel extensively for work or live outside the FAU service area.

Are student presentations videotaped?

Yes. The benefit of having a video is that you can see yourself as others see you and thereby identify and critique the strengths and weaknesses of your content and delivery.

Do classes require reference papers?

Knowing how to find, analyze, and cite information from other sources is an important skill for students, so we provide opportunities to write papers where students must integrate information from many sources into a unified argument and properly cite these sources in APA format.

Are there any resources to help with writing skills?

The FAU University Center for Excellence in Writing provides consultations for students. However, consultants provide writing assistance—not editing.

Are there any resouces to help with presentation skills?

Business communications instructors are available to work with students one-on-one to prepare them for presentations. Additionally, students are encouraged to join the The Toastmasters Club at FAU to improve public speaking skills and become more comfortable when presenting. 


Graduate Business Communication:

If a student is already in the workforce pursuing an MBA, do they still need to take a graduate business communications course?

Yes. The course helps prepare students for assignments in other graduate courses, and proivdes strategies for effective communication as you continue to move up in your career.

If you earned your BBA/BS at FAU and took GEB 3213, do you still need to take the graduate course? What’s the difference between the two?

Yes! GEB 3213 provides an introduction to business writing and speaking to prepare students to either enter the workforce or prepare for advancement. Meanwhile, GEB 6215 and GEB 6217 provide greater in-depth analytical and persuasive strategies for students who have more extensive business and management experience. 

Why do most students earn an “I” at the end of the semester in which they take GEB 6215?

This course requires students to (1) satisfactorily complete the coursework during the semester they attend the class and (2) demonstrate that they have mastered the material taught in GEB 6215 by submitting designated papers and presentations assigned in concurrent or subsequent courses in their program. Because this requirement cannot usually be satisfied in the same semester they take GEB 6215, students generally earn an “I” to give them three semesters to complete the requirements. When the requirements are successfully completed, the “I” grade is converted to “S”; if they are not satisfactorily completed, the “I” grade is converted to “U.” 

Do students get help in completing the GEB 6215 requirements even after the class sessions are over?

Yes, GEB 6215 instructors work very closely with students in preparing for the assignments and in revising them. Instructors are available as “communication coaches” throughout the students’ graduate coursework and even beyond in their careers.

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