Certificate in Investment Management


 Florida Atlantic University is a premier provider of finance education programs covering the core concepts of Finance and Investing.

There are few things more important than understanding your resources and determining where and how to invest. FAU's Certificate in Investment Management introduces you to the fundamentals of investing and will expand your knowledge of the market, investment techniques and strategies, diversification and the investment philosophies of great investors.

Program Details

  • Format: Wednesdays | On-Campus or Live Virtual
  • Dates: Feb. 7 - Mar. 27, 2024
  • Time: 7:00pm - 10:00pm EST
  • Hours: 21 Hours / 2.1 CEUs
  • Sessions: 7
  • Location: Boca Raton Campus or Live Virtual
  • Fee: $1,200


Participants who take this course will focus on:

  • The difference between stocks, bonds, mutual funds, ETFs, Hedge Funds and private equity funds
  • The concept of margin of safety and the value investing philosophy
  • The basics of discounted cash flows and valuation techniques
  • The financial crisis: the causes, the consequences and the long-term impact basic investment strategies and theories
  • The investment philosophy of great investors the difference between risk, uncertainty and certainty
  • Short selling, hedging and various market risk mitigation techniques
  • What is an asset bubble – their characteristics and causes
  • The basics of diversification and the development of asset allocation models
  • The portfolio management process
  • How to select a financial advisor and judge his/her performance
  • The differences between volatility and capital impairment when assessing risk
  • How to value a stock, bond or preferred stock
  • How to evaluate mutual funds, REITs, MLPs, or ETFs
  • Which assets should be placed in taxable accounts versus tax deferred accounts
  • Investment heuristics and how to identify and avoid typical investment biases
  • Case studies of real world investments by professional investors

Instructional Format

  • Seminar-style, instructor-led program
  • Traditional, live classroom instruction
  • Includes a combination of lectures, interactive discussions, and a combination of case studies and practical reading materials



Contact Us

Robert Munoz
Program Coordinator

phone: (561) 297-2571
map: Bldg. 103, SF 129