Master's in International Business Curriculum

The 33-credit program consists of coursework centered on international business management. Courses are focused on strategy, consulting, international affairs, and business development with a global lens. Prior coursework in business is not required. 

Required Coursework (33 credits)

Core Curriculum (24 credits)

Advanced International Monetary Economics (ECO 6716)

(3 credits)

Discusses in-depth the balance of payments, exchange rates and the international monetary system and stabilization policies in open economies. Emphasis on the integrated analysis of modern international finance and open-economy macroeconomics. It also presents a broad overview of exchange rate, markets and policy, monetary policy, economic integration, currency unions, and global financial crises. The connection between Federal and European Central Bank (ECB) policies and economic growth is emphasized, with a focus on emerging and developing economies.

Entrepreneurial Consulting Project (ENT 6946)

(3 credits)

Supervised team-based study of a problem for an existing or emerging organization, including establishment of client-consultant relationships, identification of problem(s) or strategic questions, collection and analysis of data, development and reporting of implementable recommendations.  The class projects focus on organizations and problems that involve entrepreneurship/innovation and global business issues. Knowledge learned throughout the IB master’s program is applied to real-world situations in this class.    

Financial Markets (FIN 6246)

(3 credits)

A study of macroeconomic factors affecting interest rates and prices in the money, savings, and capital markets. Attention is given to the institutions in these markets and interrelations among the institutions.

Communication Strategies for Business Professionals (GEB 6215) (with core course follow-up)

(3 credits)

Writing and speaking strategies linked to (1) critical thinking for problem analysis/solution and persuasive proposals and (2) research for decision-making. Students submit papers and presentations from core courses. 

Cross-Cultural Management and Human Resources (MAN 6609)

(3 credits)

Discusses national culture as it affects social processes and human resource practices in international businesses. Addresses international issues in overseas workforce management, expatriate management, and negotiation.

Managing Effectively in Emerging Markets (MAN 6728)

(3 credits)

Examines management issues and approaches to handling opportunities and risks in the major emerging markets.

Global Environment of Management (MAN 6937)

(3 credits)

Topics affecting global managers: regulation and deregulation, technology, ecology, national industrial policy, social responsibility and ethical reasoning, human resource issues, the globalization of economic conditions, security issues, and environmentalism.      

Advanced Marketing Management (MAR 6815)

(3 credits)

Coverage of how marketing managers research, communicate, price, and distribute product and service offerings to profitably satisfy targeted customer segments in a dynamically changing global environment.

Select one of the following two core courses (3 credits):

Supply Chain Management (MAN 6596)

(3 credits)

Logistics and supply chain management is about managing the flows of information and materials along value chains. It is an area of management that represents a great challenge as well as a tremendous source of opportunity. There is a realization today that no company can do any better than its supply chain and logistics system. Supply chain system activities, including communication, inventory management, warehousing, transportation, and facility location, have been performed since the start of commercial activity. Firms have started to focus on logistics and supply chain management as a source of competitive advantage. In this course we will examine the supply chain from the point of view of a general manager. 

International Business Operations (MAN 6614)

(3 credits)

Introduces the institutions, activities, and problems involved in conducting international business. Addresses international issues in each of the functional areas.

International Business Coursework (6 credits):

Graduate electives relevant to international business approved by the chair or program director. Typical coursework includes a short study abroad excursion and additional classes from departmental offerings.

International Field Study Tour (GEB 6957) (6 credits)

The international trip combines intensive study of selected foreign nations with travel abroad to observe and investigate firsthand the political, economic and administrative conditions encountered by American firms in foreign countries. Briefings by business firms, universities, government agencies. Requires student to travel abroad as part of requirement for the course.

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