Big Data Analytics Program Information

Big Data


Overview of Program Information 

  • The Big Data Analytics Graduate Certificate is a 12-credit non-degree certificate program consisting of 4 courses
  • The certificate program has two tracks:
    1. Business Track
    2. Computer Science
  • Please read the details below for program requirements for each track.


Program Sheets


Program Tracks

Business (ITOM) Track

Computer Science (CS) Track

  • The Big Data Analytics Graduate Certificate with a track in Computer Science will be granted to a student who completes:
  • Please note that the CS track is offered by the College of Engineering & Computer Science, so if you are interested in this track, please click here for more information


Program Duration and Delivery Method

Program Duration

  • This program can be completed either full-time or part-time
    • Full-time status at the graduate-level is at least 3 courses (9 credits)
    • Part-time status is generally a maximum of (2) courses (6 credits) & a minimum of (1) course (3 credits) 
    • Most students generally complete the program in two semesters by taking (2) courses (6 credits) in their first semester and then (2) courses (6 credits) in their second semester, for a total of 12 credits.
  • Courses are primarily offered over a 16-week period in the Fall (August) and Spring (January) semesters.
    • A limited number of courses are offered in the Summer (May) semester over a 12-week or 6-week period.
    • 8-week courses in the Fall and Spring are currently not offered at this time.

Program Course Delivery Methods

  • All courses in the Big Data Analytics Graduate Certificate are offered in a mix of formats including the traditional face to face format, fully-online distance learning format, or a hybrid option.
    • Traditional face to face ISM courses are usually offered in the evenings while traditional face to face Computer Science courses are usually offered during the day with an online remote option
    • ISM courses generally alternate from being offered fully online to being offered face to face from semester to semester.
  • Please check the FAU Course Schedule for further information on course offerings in a given semester.