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Carmela Coffee

Brewing Success: Marketing Students Explore Branding Solutions for Carmela Coffee

By | 08/25/2023

FAU Marketing students spent a semester deep diving into “real-world” marketing challenges faced by Carmela Coffee & Toast Café.

Spain Study Abroad

International Internships and Study Abroad in Spain

By | 08/24/2023

This past summer, 34 College of Business students participated in a study abroad program in the historic city of Seville, capital of the Andalucia region and the largest city in Southern Spain. This 6-week study is the largest and longest College of Business study abroad trip in more than 20 years.

Islamorada Beverages

Bottling an 'Island State of Mind': FAU Business Alumni and Co-founders of Islamorada Beverages

By | 07/21/2023

A shared love of sun, sand, fishing and good beer led a trio of FAU College of Business alumni to brew up the idea for Islamorada Beverages. The Islamorada Beer Company, its original name, was born during weekend fishing trips to the Keys in the mid-2000s. Conversations about needing a lighter craft beer to complement their tropical “fun-in-the-sun” lifestyle turned FAU college friends Tyrone Bradley ’08, ’13, Chris Trentine ’05 and Whitney Trentine ’07, along with their friend, Nik Schroth, into business partners.

Farm to Fork: Ireland

Farm to Fork: FAU Students Harvest Marketing Insights During Ireland Study Tour

By | 07/06/2023

This summer, as faculty leader, I had the incredible opportunity to guide 14 College of Business students from Florida Atlantic on a transformative Farm to Fork study abroad program in Dublin, Ireland. From the moment we arrived at the University College Dublin (UCD), we knew our immersion into the Irish food industry was going to be an enlightening experience.

Erasmus group

Boca Raton And Milan: a Transatlantic Faculty Exchange

By | 06/12/2023

Once again, FAU’s College of Business makes strides in fostering global educational alliances with its partnership and faculty exchange with the Istituto Superior Carlo Dell’ Acqua in Milan, Italy.

Supply Chain Panel

Navigating a Dynamic World: Experts Discuss Geopolitical Tensions and Changing Supply Chain Dynamics

By | 06/01/2023

FAU College of Business hosted an insightful panel discussion on the impact of geopolitical tensions and shifting supply chain dynamics on global trade.