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Housing Price Decline

Study: Home Price Declines Hitting Western U.S. Markets

By | 11/02/2022

Average home prices are falling in 39 of the 100 largest U.S. housing markets and prices in an additional 18 metropolitan areas are expected to decline soon, according to researchers at Florida Atlantic University and Florida International University. The September price drops occurred mainly in the West, with the largest in San Jose, California, at 6.3 percent. Austin, Texas (5.5 percent); San Francisco (4.4 percent); Boise, Idaho (4.2 percent); and Salt Lake City, Utah (3.8 percent) round out the top five.

Housing Peak

Study: More U.S. Housing Markets at or Near Pricing Peaks

By | 08/25/2022

Home prices appear to have peaked in a growing number of U.S. markets, according to a July analysis by researchers at FAU and FIU.

Aerial Housing

Falling Premiums, Home Prices Mean U.S. Housing Market May Have Peaked

By | 07/20/2022

After a decade of historic home price gains, the U.S. housing market has finally slowed, and June figures show it may already have peaked.

May Housing

Home Prices Holding Steady Despite Signs of a Slowdown

By | 07/06/2022

Anecdotal signs of a U.S. housing slowdown have yet to translate into lower home prices, according to researchers at FAU and FIU.

15 Housing Markets

Study: 15 Housing Markets Overvalued by More Than 50 Percent

By | 05/31/2022

The high cost of housing across the country is playing out in once-remote markets and major metropolitan areas, making homeownership unattainable for many Americans and a risky bet for others.

Overvalued Housing Markets

Strong Demand for Homes Bolsters Prices, Forcing Buyers to Overpay

By | 04/26/2022

Home prices in the overwhelming majority of the nation’s largest housing markets continue to rise despite the Federal Reserve’s move to raise mortgage rates in hopes of curtailing runaway demand, according to researchers at FAU and FIU.