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Graduate Business Communication Applications

Written and oral communication skills are integrated components of the M.B.A. program. As such, students must demonstrate communication proficiency appropriate to academic, professional and business environments. Students will demonstrate their written and oral communication skills as they complete the following activities: weekly professional development sessions, written course assignments and classroom presentations. Students are not permitted to register for key integrated courses (ACG 6315, ACG 6138, ACG 6475, MAN 6937, ISM 6026, FIN 6806 or HSA 6103) unless they have enrolled in GEB 6215.

The graduate-level business communications course is offered in GEB 6215: Graduate Business Communication Applications. It is integrated with core and elective courses. Some assignments are evaluated by both the professor and by Business Communication Program instructors. Communication skills are also enhanced in the weekly sessions.

Students must register for GEB 6215 upon their first registration in core or elective courses. Students enrolling only for foundation-level courses are not required to register for GEB 6215 at that point. Grades in GEB 6215 are distributed on a satisfactory or unsatisfactory basis. Students who fail to advance through GEB 6215 will receive an unsatisfactory ("U") grade and must register for the course again. Failure to complete GEB 6215 in a reasonable timeframe will result in the student's dismissal from his or her graduate program.

A student who does not register for GEB 6215 during the first semester of graduate core or elective credit will have an academic hold placed on the student's record. The hold denies advance registration privileges until the student has conferred with the Director of Master's Programs in Business.

Students who have received a grade of "U" and who do not re-register for GEB 6215 in the next semester of attendance following issuance of the "U" will be administratively dropped from graduate courses.

GEB 6217: Communication Skills for Business Professionals will be taken in lieu of GEB 6215, and can only be taken by those enrolled in one of the Executive programs.

Applications for degree will not be accepted unless certification requirements have been met and a grade of "S" has been issued for students taking GEB 6215.

GEB 6215 Certification

A graduate-level prerequisite in the flexible program, GEB 6215 Certification strives to ensure all Business Communication efforts in the College of Business are consistent with the AACSB Best Practices. Within three semesters following an “Incomplete” grade in GEB 6215, each student is required to submit and be certified on a short paper, reference paper, and oral presentation, each from a core or elective course in the student’s graduate program. Once each of these requirements has been met, the student will be GEB 6215 Certified and will receive an “S” for the course, which is a prerequisite of graduation. The precise details of the GEB Certification will be provided during class.

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Department of Business Communications Faculty and Staff

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