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Program Overview

The Accounting Scholars Program (ASP) is an honors program designed to prepare highly-motivated students for careers as professional accountants. Qualified students are encouraged to begin the ASP when they start taking upper-level coursework (ACG3131 and ACG3341). However, qualified students who have completed no more than six hours of upper-level accounting coursework may also join the ASP. The ASP is a full-time day program offered on the Boca Raton campus.

The ASP is designed to help students achieve a high level of proficiency in skills integral to graduate studies and a variety of accounting careers. Students complete a rigorous accounting curriculum in restricted honors classes and a capstone case competition. Outside of the classroom, students participate in peer mentoring and professional development activities designed to provide valuable networking opportunities.

After completing all ASP and undergraduate degree requirements, students are awarded an undergraduate degree with honors. Qualified students electing to pursue graduate studies may receive expedited admission to graduate school including a waiver for the GMAT or GRE entrance exam requirement. Upon completing a Masters degree at Florida Atlantic University, students will be awarded an Accounting Scholars Program Medallion – the highest honor bestowed by the School of Accounting.

Program Benefits

Benefits of the ASP are innumerable and may include the following:

  • Priority for scholarships designated for ASP students
  • Completion of the undergraduate degree with honors distinction
  • Restricted sections of upper-level accounting courses taught by award-winning professors
  • Significant networking opportunities
  • Special recognition at the graduation ceremony
  • Participation in the Medallion Ceremony
  • Participation in the Accounting Scholars Peer Mentor Program
  • Expedited admission into graduate studies with waiver of GMAT/GRE
  • Priority for graduate assistantship positions

Restricted Courses, Honors Compacts & Capstone Experience

Restricted Courses

Eight honors courses are available to ASP students during Fall and Spring semesters. The restricted courses allow students to benefit from a cohort-type experience with other high-achieving students. The ASP faculty have earned numerous teaching awards and are committed to providing an enhanced classroom experience.

Honors Compacts

Honors compacts are designed to develop skills that are important in graduate studies and the accounting profession. The honors compacts include established requirements such as written memos, summaries, reports, and extra-curricular assignments. These requirements are in addition to regular coursework and must be completed to earn honors credit. Failure to complete the honors compact does not affect the course grade.

There will be honors compacts for a total of eight upper-level ACG and TAX courses. Honors compacts are supervised and approved by the professor teaching the restricted cohort section. In the first semester, the compact requirements will be directed toward professional development and awareness. In subsequent semesters, compact assignments will require synthesis, analysis, and application of relevant accounting literature and standards. Students must demonstrate proficiency in written communication skills in all compacts.

Capstone Experience

Students apply the knowledge they have learned in the classroom and engage in accounting-based problem solving and research through a capstone experience. ASP students will work in teams to complete a case analysis and presentation competition. The capstone experience must be completed no more than twelve months before the completion of the undergraduate degree requirements. School of Accounting faculty will supervise the capstone experience. The results of students’ capstone projects will be presented in a competition among ASP students and will be judged by local accounting professionals.

Admission Process

Students must apply for the ASP by the application deadline for the semester in which they desire to begin the ASP. To be considered for the ASP, students must have a cumulative undergraduate GPA of at least 3.3. Students who have completed more than six hours of upper-level accounting courses are not eligible for the ASP.

Program Standards

Students admitted to the ASP must maintain high academic and ethical standards. Students may be dismissed from the ASP for any of the following:

  • Two grades less than B in accounting or tax courses
  • Any grade less than C
  • Violation of the Florida Atlantic University Code of Academic Integrity
  • Violation of the ASP Honor Code
  • Violation of the ASP Guidelines

Requirements to Earn Honors in Accounting

  • Meet all degree requirements
  • Satisfactorily complete a minimum of five honors compacts
  • Achieve an overall GPA of at least 3.0 and an accounting GPA (upper-level ACG and TAX) of at least 3.0
  • Satisfactorily complete the capstone experience
  • Complete all ASP requirements within four semesters
  • Be recommended by the ASP Director

Requirements for Expedited Admission to Graduate School

  • Meet all degree requirements
  • Satisfactorily complete a minimum of five honors compacts
  • Achieve an overall GPA of at least 3.3 and an accounting GPA (upper-level ACG and TAX) of at least 3.3
  • Satisfactorily complete the capstone experience
  • Complete all ASP requirements within four semesters
  • Be recommended by the ASP Director

Graduate Degree Options

Students pursing graduate degrees have three graduate degree options. They are as follows:

The Medallion

ASP students receiving expedited admission to graduate school and earning a graduate degree in the College of Business at Florida Atlantic University receive a special medallion embedded with the ASP crest. The ASP Medallion represents the highest honor bestowed by the School of Accounting and is awarded at the School of Accounting Achievement Awards Ceremony.


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